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Possible herniated disk on top of fibro - Yikes!
6 Replies
Lee2010 - November 4

I was starting to get into a routine that helped me deal with the fibro pain, then wham!, I have intense back pain that my doc is pretty certain is a herniated disk. My right leg from my buttock down to my toes is in so much pain there is absolutely no position that gives me relief. My toes are going numb and I'm losing a bit of strength in my foot. Neither heat nor cold is helping, nor are any drug protocols. I have an MRI scheduled for tomorrow, my doc put a rush on it. She's also scheduled me for a long series of Physical Therapy. I know that my doc is doing everything possible, but it's little comfort when I can't get a single second of relief. Thanks for
listening - I just had to vent. My husband has
been wonderful - trying to make me as comfortable as possible and helping out around the house whenever I can't do something. Does anyone out there have any suggestions that might make my life a little more comfortable. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks for listening and hang in there everyone. Lee


toots2889 - November 4

I know what your going thru as i just had back surgery. I had a herinated disc at L5, with nerve inpingment. Its been almost 2mo. since my surgery and im glad i did it. I dont have anywhere near the pain i had prior. If you can get physical therapy to help you, thats your best bet. If that fails, i would try a cortizone shot in your back. Ive had them, and they worked good for years.


Kristina17 - November 4

Hi Lee2010,
I've had a disc herniation at L4/5 and a spinal ganglion for years now. It was discovered four years ago when I began my career as a teacher and it caused great problems. I had moments of not being able to walk and not being able to rest or sit or sleep properly and didn't know what it is was for months before seeing a surgeon. I wasn't diagnosed with FM at that stage but I still have a lot of sciatica sometimes and know that I have to be careful with my back but it will get better for you. See an osteopath and physio and stretching is always very helpful I find.



Fantod - November 4

Lee - I had a disc fail in my lower back so I understand how uncomfortable you are right now. I am going to suggest that you ask your doctor for the Flector Pain Patch. It is a NON narcotic patch that only works where it is applied. It will not make you loopy. That should help.

The other option is a cream that has to made up by a compound pharmacy. There are compound pharmacies everywhere. If one is not convenient to your home, the prescription can be called or faxed in. The medication can be mailed to you. Ketoprofen with lidocaine added might also ease your discomfort. The best way to use this cream is on clean, warm skin - never layer it. Put it on after a shower or use rubbing alcohol to clean your skin prior to applying the cream. Put a layer of saran wrap on for NO more than two hours to let the cream really absorb.

Don't bother with lidocaine patches - they don't work for the type of pain that you are experiencing. The lidocaine doesn't get deep enough to be effective.

I hope these suggestions are helpful. Take care.


Fantod - November 4

Another option that I wasn't thinking about during my first response. Go to the local health food store and ask them for Curamin in capsule form. Yes, it is a spice but it is also a very effective pain killer. I use a brand made by "Terry Naturally" which is very highly purified. I take it twice a day for breakthrough pain. It is very effective and may also help you. Take care.


jrzgirl1 - November 4

I have 3 herniated disc's. since 1992, I had a treatment called vax-d it stretches your back. check it out, it really helped me, I also put ice on my lower back, be careful how you bend or turn, mine can go out just emptying the dishwasher


Lee2010 - November 5

Thank you so much everyone for all of your suggestions. My doctor called within an hour of my MRI to tell me that I have a severely bulging disk in my L5-S1 (have to look that up) and is putting a rush through to my Physiatrist for an epidural shot. Hopefully I will get it on Monday. She is also ordering up a series of P/T for me. If I don't get any relief from these protocols, then she will start on some new pain meds for me. I am so fortunate to have a doctor who works so closely and quickly with me. Your ideas are all wonderful and I will be writing them down and taking them with me to my next appointment. Thanks again for all of your ideas. I have to say - I was beginning to panic at the thought that all of these new pains were associated with the fibro and would just be some new things that I would have to learn to deal with. I am hopeful that I can conquer these pains and start in again on dealing with ways of managing the fibro issues. Take care everyone and I'm sending you all great big gentle hugs. Lee



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