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Possible FMS???
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Fyrestar - August 28

Hello I am a 26 year old female who has suffered from a CONSTANT headache since the age of 12. When I mean constant it is there everyday some days really bad to where I can't move my head at all and others just a dull ache.

I also have had chronic fatigue since I can remember. I just don't seam to have the energy to anything. I have joint pain in various spots(jaw, lower back, neck, shoulders) I have had a sleep study done for possible apnea(neuro's request due to headaches being unresponsive to meds) and while the apnea is ruled out I was told I have poor sleep quality. I go see a sleep specialist tuesday about those results for further details about the study.

I am wondering if it is FMS. The headaches don't respond to drugs. Even if I take a percoset or other narcotic pain killer I still have the constant dull headache. I have been on Flexirill,amitryptiline(spelling?), xanaflex (worked for 15 minutes pain free), cymbalta and topamax. I even had occipital nerve blocks for the head aches nothing works.

Some days are better than others where I can cope and get stuff done that I need to and others I just want to sleep or lie aroung because everything hurts and I have no energy. I am the major breadwinner in my family and can't afford to miss another day of work or I will be fired.

Could it be FMS? Thanks for anythoughts or Ideas


Stacey373 - August 28

Hi fyrestar - The first time I ever looked up Fibromyalgia, the site said that most people with it initially go to a doctor for headaches and migraines. This caught my attention because I have suffered with constant headaches and migraines for YEARS and the doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. (most didn't believe me either!)

I ALWAYS have a never goes away for very long. I actually used to have a scale that I would rate how bad they were...from just a dull ache that never went away up to a full blown migraine. It used to be a guarantee that I was in bed several days a week with my head hurting.

I've been doing pretty good for the past 3 or 4 months and I'm not even sure what I'm doing differently to be feeling better. I still wake up every morning expecting my head to be pounding and so far I've only had a bad headache about once a far...

This is a hard one...I know most people that read your post are going to instantly think you have TMJ or myofacial pain. But I know that just 2 years ago if I had gotten on here (before being diagnosed) I would have explained my problems the same way you just did. My #1 priority has always been to find a way to get rid of my headaches...I could deal with almost everything else, but my head hurting was just too much.

Fibro is classified as chronic pain for at least 3 months (most of us have dealt with it for YEARS!), pain in all 4 quadrants of the body (upper, lower, left, & right side), chronic fatigue, and pain when a doctor does the tender Point test (puts slight pressure on 18 tender points of the body) obviously there are alot of other symptoms, but those seem to be the major initial ones.

There are no real tests that a doctor can do to verify you have fibro. This illness also mimics alot of other diseases, so you need to have everything else ruled out that it could be. Fibro is more like a "Last resort" diagnosis. One of the only tests that can be done is fairly simple. Have your doctor do a blood test to see if you have a Vitamin D deficiency. Most fibro sufferers have this and we have to take a prescription Vitamin D pill.

Because my headaches were my top priority, I never really talked to my doctor about all my other problems. I figured I would take care of one problem at a time and I was worried that she would think I was a hypochondriac if I told her everything!

With fibro, my body always aches for no apparent reason. Some days are worse than others. sometimes it's my lower back and legs that are killing me...sometimes it's my neck, shoulders, and arms.

You should look at the symptoms of TMJ and Myofacial Pain Syndrome. both of these can cause severe headaches. They also cause your jaw, neck, shoulders, and even your arms to hurt. And I know from experience that they can be extremely painful and debilitating.

I take flexeril every night and Norco (pain pills) every day. But I guarantee that NOTHING works if I get a bad headache. It doesn't matter how many pain pills or other drugs I take, it doesn't help at all once my head gets to hurting and "crosses the line" from a constant dull ache into really hurting bad. Although I have been taking Motrin as soon as my head starts to hurt "more than normal" and that seems to work pretty good. I'm just not supposed to be taking it because of a blood disorder that I have, so I do it sparingly.

If you think you have Fibro, you should see a doctor ASAP! A rheumatologist is usually the specialist for this, but I see my regular doctor and she treats me just as good. Take in all your research you've done and tell him that you think you have this. the medications you should be taking for Fibro are an anti-depressant, sleeping meds (very important!), pain pills, vitamins, and muscle relaxers for the headaches.

That's all I can think of right now. I apologize, I'm a little brain dead this morning and can't quite remember everything I want to tell you! I'm sure someone else will be on who will be able to explain all of this better! Take Care, Stacey :o)



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