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possible fibromyalgia...
4 Replies
Gwen - February 6

is it possible to have fibromyalgia without having the 4 quadrant pain for 3 months? i have been having nearly all the symptoms except for that. my neurologist did numerous tests and everything came up normal. he believes its osteoarthritis, but that doesn't explain all the other symptoms...urinary, skin, depression, TMJ, twitches, etc. Any answers? Thanks!


TIM - February 4

Hi Gwen, I was just recently diagnosed, with only two of the tender points and it was a good day, so they were not even that bad. My doctor ( a reumatologist) told me that the diagnoses for fms. is to exclude all other possibilities by testing for, such as osteoarthuritis etc. all my tests came back looking good so the chronic pain and all the other symptoms I am having are now called fibro. I specifically asked about fibro because of my own research including this sight. I got the feeling that I knew more about it than he did. my journey started several years ago with a chiropractor for back pain then my M.D. for chrnic pain in my back, then a nuerologist, who ruled out mechanical inpigement, then a phyciatrist who diagnosed me with myofacial syndrome, then I became violently sensitive to my work environment specifically wood dust, and then my M.D. again than an allergist who diagnosed me with sensitivities to the dust.on follow up appointments I asked why the pain was still happening when I had been removed from that environment he reffered me to the reumatologist. Long story but I bet that some of the people on this sight make this look small.. Hope this helps
Information is power over this.. keep learning


Gwen - February 4

Thanks Tim. I get the feeling my neuro isn't too up on fibro. I'm headed back to my FP to see what he thinks. An MRI did confirm that I have osteoarthritis in two of my vertebrae in my neck, but this doesn't explain everything. Currently i have majorly dry skin especially on my hands, a rash on my back, my right great toe and surrounding area hurts whenever I wear any type of shoe. I suffer from Raynaud's phemonenon on a daily basis. i've been diagnosed with a gluten intolerance that developed a year ago. Headaches, hot flashes (not menopausal), weird twingy pains, hard time dealing with cold weather, difficulty reading, etc. Its an ongoing thing that changes and seems to get worse with cold wet weather. What is your doc doing to treat your fms? I've heard that the best way is diet (eat right and no caffeine or alcohol) and exercise and an anti-depressant. Some mixed results with Phys Ther. and Massage therapy. And no real relief from pain meds. What are your thoughts?


Tim - February 6

So far my D.R. has refered me out for physical therapy, however I'm very sceptical of this as two years ago a different doctor sent me to PT and the result was the begining of this condition. I learned that the exercises were completeley incorrect for the MFS and they exacerbated my condition into what it is today in my opinion. I forgot to mention the very first thing that I sought medical help with 4 years ago. it was chronic fatigue.I am going to try the PT again but this time I am prepared to be the one who is in charge and not put my body completely in thier hands. Also yes I beleive diet is a big factor and am considering a cleansing fast and then staying on very healthy foods organic if I can afford it .. good luck


JJ - February 6

I do not have the trigger point pain either, but have been diagnosed with FMS. My doctor told me that the trigger points were used to identify candidates for clinical studies and are not the only criteria for a diagnosis.



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