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Positive ideas in living with FMS
2 Replies
Pikespeak - May 23

It occured to me that many people find this site (and others) after the frustrations of dealing with FMS and related illnesses. I too, found this site looking for answers. I have read some of the heartbreaking stories here, and want to help lift the spirits through positive motivation. I am not an expert on this, but I seem to know what helps propel me forward to (hopefully) have a decent day. A good sleep is paramount! After that, I formulate my day while still in bed. I sometimes resort to check-lists, keeping in mind that slow and steady is best for me. If something doesn't get done, it's there for later. I listen to my body (usually) and take breaks, knowing that I'm being kind to myself. Well, you get the about you? Please write what helps you (non-drug related) each day. I am always open to a new tip!


January - May 24

Hi - (still laughing!) Very nice post!

For years I've read a lot about positive thinking - your thoughts and words manifest your reality. NOT saying I don't have my grumpy days… months… But it helps me to read books and be around people that espouse this view. So instead of saying "I'll never get better," I say (and believe) "I am better already." And I'm always researching new treatments and ideas to try. I don't watch medical dramas or crime and violence on TV, even limit the news because it's mostly bad. Lately I've been reading about "mirroring neurons" in the brain - neuroscience says that if you watch something, neurons fire in your brain as if you were experiencing it. This has given me food for thought! (I still like READING about medicine though!)

I like what Dr. Daniel Amen says about ANTs - automatic negative thoughts. OH, can I go there! Around in circles! The best thing to do is get my mind busy with something else. A puzzle, a book, a project. It's great if I can get myself laughing - relieves the anxiety I'm feeling. It's a chemical reaction in the brain.

I spend my time and energy more carefully. I do things I enjoy and that make me feel useful, and spend time with people who reciprocate - and who have a great sense of humor. If someone is unkind or critical, adios.

And, once again, pikespeak, happy birthday. I'm getting some sleep before sunrise.


Cher0208 - May 24

I agree...laugh a lot, watch funny things on t.v., stay away from the CSI's and the I know who killed me shows.

I spend time with my two dogs who make me smile and make me feel so loved. There are times I feel like staying on the sofa watching bad reality t.v., not go to work and wait the depression out. But I can't because I have them and I will not let them down. No matter how I feel they need to be fed and walked.

I love Louise Hay's message. Your thoughts create your reality. I have to find a new job by the end of June (I work in a school and they are letting me go). I have rent and medical insurance bills like anyone else. I have become pretty depressed over it. It has been sitting on my shoulders for about a month now and only this morning did I remember that I am not attracting or creating anything positive by being so down. So I just repeat "Everything I need comes to me at the right time." I am feeling as though that job opportunity has come already.

Eating right, exercise when I feel like it and reading make me feel good as well. =)



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