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Popeye Muscles
6 Replies
belle1329 - April 7

Does anyone have large tight stiff muscles??? The muscles in my fore Arms , and upper arms are very big as if I lifted weights, but the skin around them is very loose. Same with the calves in my legs, but the upper legs are lumpy cottage cheesy. I always had a slight weight problem, nothing drastic, ranged from 125-140, but the past year, Ive gained more and am at 158 5ft3
I "try" to get to the gym 2xs a week not like Im body building aor anything, lol and have cut down on my meals and sweets, but seem to be gaining and I wonder if some of it is muscle weight?? Just curious and would love any feed back, if anyone has or knows what could be the cause besides "beloved" - NOT! fibro.


Noca - April 8

You on any medications?


belle1329 - April 8

Oh sorry, Ive mentioned that in other posting feel like I know everyone and everyone knows me, lol. No I do not take any, want to take the natural route for as long as I can. Meds do not agree with me. I seem to always have reactions when I take them. I did a few months back take boniva, for my osteo, but stopped after 2 doses, bad reacation of reflux and chest pain :(


belle1329 - April 9

Maybe I eat too much spinach, lol just kidding, wanted to get back on top with hopes to a response :)


Duo - April 9

I have noticed quite the opposite! I seem to have lost all muscle tone and my skin is like a deflated baloon the week after Christmas !! lol


MsFibroFog - April 18

I seem to be between you, Belle and Duo!! I LOOK all flabby (chronic weight gain also) and my pain was mild to moderate and intermittent. However, for almost a week now, the muscles in my back, shoulders (especially right side) and neck have been as hard as rocks and the pain has been unbelievable.

I was thinking perhaps I did something or have been at the computer too much but then thought, could this be the "beloved" - NOT! fibro (I LOVE that, Belle!!!)? Fatigue has also increased during this time.


belle1329 - April 19

Thanks for your input , Duo and MsFibroFog
I do have popeye muscles but my skin is kind of flabby too its weird, Ive gaind 30lbs in 2yrs, My pain is mostly mild moderate, but then wham, a flare up and hurts like -- Its my neck this week ,feels like the muscles in my neck are so tight, I feel like frankenstien! grrr!
low and behold its the beloved-NOT Fibro :) what are ya gonna do



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