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Poor/Non-existent sleep, hair loss, fibromyalgia
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Hahnemann - November 3


I am a 35 yr old female and was in a car accident 9 mths ago. Suffered major whiplash and I was in bed for 3 days but then the whiplash pain went away. Only made the

connection a few days ago that my sleep issues started right at that time (unable to get into stage 3, 4). Never had this weird light sleep issue before. Since then I have also

developed chronic headahce, stiffness in neck/shoulders, TMJ.

Naturally this exacerbated my existing anxiety (had developed IBS alternating constipation with diarrhoea 2 yrs ago after heavy antibiotic dosages and work and family

stresses didn't help much). I had tried dicyclomine and hyoscyamine for colon spasms last yr and found no relief whatsoever. Soon after taking that I was unable to handle

even 1-2 flakes of red pepper (even today) - my stomach burns. I was diagnosed with colitis and gastritis a yr ago. Protonix, Nexxium, Aciphex, Prevacid gave no relief.

I can only eat 5-6 things so my nutrition has suffered in the last 2 yrs and I am a vegetarian. I joined an IBS forum some time back and am yet to find anyone with as many

food restrictions as myself and I used to eat everything 2 yrs ago. I have hardly ever taken any medications except homoepathy so low threshold for non-herbal stuff anyway.

Also experiencing tremendous hair loss in the last 3 months (hair stopped growing since May 06). Blood thyroid tests and cortisol (adrenal) tests are in the normal range

(though everything is on the lower end). So it looks like I keep adding symptoms though this weird sleep is the worst. Not tried any sleep aids except for homoepathy which

did not help (and it always has for the minor issues I have had in the past). Unisom helps some days.

So very exhausted since I haven't really slept in 9mths. And then 2 weeks ago I forgot to take my centrum, magnesium, calcium and vitamin b complex for 3 days and

extreme body pain started. It was probably there all long and may have been masked? It's been 4 days since I started the vitamins again but the body ache won't go. Now

every point on my body hurts even more on the slightest pressure. There is numbness and tingling in my head, hands and feet. I also took this amino fuel tablets for 2 weeks

last month for sleep (since it has tryptophan) and it literally drugged me. When I stopped my body pain started. Don't know if that was some withdrawal reaction.

I am wondering if there are others like me in DC-VA area in a support group or who have good MD or holistic MD recommendations. I read a little bit about Xyrem and I do

have one question: Does anyone know if Xyrem addictive? I read several posts and I am not sure if people have actually been cured of their sleep issue and have been able to

discontinue it?

Any pointers, comments would be greatly appreciated - sleep, IBS, hair loss. I just end up crying every day since I do not have much familial support.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.


barbar - December 17

Hey, can you check in and let us know how you're doing?



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