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Polymyalgia Rheumatica
15 Replies
Jeannie3 - April 1

My doctor has decided I should get checked for this.
Has anyone else been tested or have it? I've googled the info and some of the symptoms are like FIBRO
but FIBRO symptoms relate to so many ills that I think
my dr. is pulling at straws. I'll know more in a couple of
weeks in my next appt.


teresat - April 1

Polymyalgia Rheumatica (PMR) - is a disorder associated with pain in the shoulder and hip. It is considered a seronegative rheumatic disease but the etiology (cause) has not been established. It responds well to steroids (prednisone).
It is associated with temporal arteritis (aka giant cell arteritis), which is a more serious condition.
This is from! It has more detailed info, you should read it! How are you today? I look forward to hearing from you!!


Jeannie3 - April 2

Hi - Thats quite a site and I'll have to read more of it but it is what the Dr is
looking for. Swelling of the blood vessels. Thanks for the site, I'll defintly be reading more and making my list of
questions for the DR.


Jeri - April 2

teresa, as we can see here with Virg... just because someone has not written in a while, does not mean they have been "eliminated".... have a fabulous day :)


Jeri - April 2

Virg, I hope you feel better soon & get this thing figured out with your doctor. take care hon!


Jeri - April 2

one more thing.... please don't take prednisone unless they say its absolutely necessary. that stuff is crazy and should only be taken as a last resort. hope this helps and good luck to you.


teresat - April 3

Jeri, this is not my post. It's Jeanie's & I don't know what you are talking about? However, you have a lovely day too!! :)


teresat - April 3

Jeannie, sorry I spelt your name wrong! Hope you are doing well today!!!!


JJ1 - April 5

I googled this. The best thing I see about it is that it eventually goes away on its own. So that could be a blessing. let us know what you find out. How do they test for it?


yannie - April 6

I have PMR which was diagnosed by a esr (sedimentation) lab test. Normal range for women is 20-30 my level goes into the 80's. I also have fibro. some of the symptoms do overlap but with PMR, I have severe low back pain, stiffness and pain radiating down my legs, at times could barely walk...symptoms usualy worse in the morning...lots of info about PMR on internet. Was treated with prednisone for 5 years....finally weaned off (nasty drug) and have done better with Pmr and fibro with a great therapeutic massage therapist, some good vitamins advised by a naturopath, daily dose of flax oil and the probiotic acidophilus liquid available at health food stores..along with stretching exercises, walking and drinking lotsof filtered water....feeling much better. I hope this helps you...It took me a long time to detox my system but seems the fibro is going into remission.My therapist says fibro is curable but it takes along time to get rid of the toxins and you have to be consistent with your health regimen.The massage is painful whenshe works on the trigger points but after a couple of days, the muscles relax and I have the range of motion to exercise and energy is way up.My personal opinion is that the drugs are a bandaid and do not address the cause of the fibro.I think fibro is a symptom of the toxins and inflammation in our system....and our stress levels...hope you find your way back to good health.


Jeannie3 - April 6

Thanks Yanni and ALL! One thing I know for sure is no prednisone for me.
I can't handle any oral steroids . What is
a sedimentaion test? Is that where a small biopsy of the muscle is done? I'm
only going for results of blood work this
week so will see what happens.


yannie - April 7

a sedimentation (ESR) rate is just a simple blood test done at the lab. You don't have to fast or do any special preparation. I did have an arterial biopsy done on each side of my head to test for giant cell arteritis which in a few cases is part of a problem associated with those diagnosed with PMR. That would be a surgical procedure. Many doctors go by the lab results and the presenting symptoms. If I could go back and decide my course of treatment...I would not accept the prednisone or steroids - it can be painful without the steroids but if you research, you can find other ways to bring down the inflammation that contributes to the pain and stiffness.


Jeannie3 - April 13

Thanks Yanni, I got my results and it
was as I figured no sign of any arthritis.
Blood tests all negative. Your input was
very much appreciated.


teresat - April 14

YEA YEA YEA!!! I am so happy!!


Jeannie3 - April 14

Thanks my friend.


LeeB - January 23

As far as I know, a consistently elevated ESR (erythrocyte sedimentation ratio) serves as the differential diagnostic for polymyalgia rheumatica. You should consult a rheumatologist.



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