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Poll - fingernails
10 Replies
JJ1 - February 18

I was reading about Fibromyalgia the other day and came across this strange statement - most fibromyalgia sufferers do not have the white half-moons at the base of their fingernails. I never noticed this before, but four of my fingers (pinkie and ring fingers) are missing the half moon, it is just a sliver on the middle fingers and slightly more on the pointers, and very prominent on my thumbs. Just curious how many of us are missing all or part of our half moons.


Connie - February 18

Hi JJ1. I have half moons on all but my little fingers. Age has a lot to do with the half moons too. I do have vertical ridges, but those didn't show until three years ago and I have had the diagnosis of fibromyalgia for more than 20 years. Many anecdotal stories or findings are attributed to Fibromyalgia. However, compared to other conditions, relatively few scientific studies are focused solely on Fibromyalgia. Less scientific data coupled with the fact that each patient may have different or changing symptoms make this condition an easy mark for misinformation. Just last week one of our members suggested a FM site. Although it contained some practical information, many false statements were written as facts. It will be interesting to see the outcome of your poll.


JJ1 - February 19

I just saw it as a funny little bit of trivia. Don't know if it is true, but I never really noticed that I was missing some of my half moons until I read about it and checked. Just in fun.


JJ1 - February 19

I decided to google fingernails and half moons. There was some reference to them missing in those with fibromyagia. However, there were more hits about the lack of half moons indicating an underactive thyroid and conversely, large moons = over active thyroid.


JoniB - February 20

Hi JJ1. Heredity and age has influence on the half moons (called lunula.) Also, pushing back the cuticles helps especially after soaking hands in water. All of my half moons are showing.


tnichel - February 20

My half moons seem to come and go. But they are not visible on my last two fingers. Yeah I thought that was an interesting finding.


jacobea - February 22

I only have 'em on my thumbs, and am only eighteen, so whether i will develop more later on or not, i have no idea.


debbort - February 29

I am 50 and was diagnosed with FM 10 years ago. I only have the half moons on my thumbs.


maryem - March 6

Hi,JJ1 I have just checked my nails and I only have white half-moons on my thumbs nails ,I wonder why this is.kind regards Maryem


vlw - March 7

oh,wow,me too..only have half moons on my thumb nail..I am hypothyroid as well..anyone else have deep ridges in their nails?my thumbs have extremely deep vertical ridges..


chloe3 - March 26

I was diagnosed 10 years ago and I'm 48 years old. I've got half moons on my thumb, pointer and middle fingers. The last two are missing. The thyroid theory does not coincide with my thyroid tests are always normal.



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