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PMS+FMS+Rain=Can you guess?
7 Replies
Canada17 - November 20

Rrrr when I went to bed last night, it was raining, and it was still raining when I woke up this morning. I am achy all over, I feel tight and sore through my neck and shoulders, my knee feels like someone slugged it with a baseball bat, and my left wrist has this annoying throbbing stabbing pain that is causing weakness in my hand. I doesn't feel like carpel tunnel, it feels like the pain is in the bone.

Plus, I know I am PMSing. I can feel my blood pressure rising for almost no reason at all and I just feel plain on edge! I hate this! I wish I could get rid of my monthly cycle all together because it just compounds all my symptoms. I'm only 26 though, I've got decades to go...

I'm venting because I don't have a single person in my life, aside from my doctor, who understands. My husband tries, but he doesn't really get it, and he's always asking me, "Why does that hurt, you didn't do anything." And for about one week every month I have such a hard time controlling my temper.

I just feel so frustrated and my hormones are not making it any better. I am loathing the drive home tonight...I despise rush hour traffic when I am in a good mood.....


tnichel - November 20

That was me last week. And the body scores a TKO!!! Hang in there. I know how you feel. I'm 29. It took about a year after my diagnosis to get a hold of my temper. I still have my bad days or weeks. Just keep talking yourself down during that time of the month. I get so depressed during that time and always feel like no one cares about me and all I want to do is cry. It's lovely being a woman ain't it? The weekend has arrived. Kick back and relax. Have you ever shown your husband this site or taken him to a doctors appt? Maybe that would help him empathize.


Canada17 - November 20

Yeah, I took him to my last appointment but the doctor is honest and says they still don't know what causes it. I've shown him this site but he doesn't like using the computer and I gave him "the idiots guide to fibromyalgia" that I bought, but he works night and is a stay-at-home dad during the days so he doesn't really have time to read it.

My husband has a hard time wrapping his head around the fact that though there is no injury or damage to my body, I still have all this pain. He's been in three serious car accidents, one in which he shouldn't have been able to walk away from let alone live through. He was a skater in his teens and had numerous injuries from that. And he, like most people, doesn't understand how I am in more pain than he is. He hopes that when he asks me why, I'll have an explanation. He means well, he wants to understand, and he doesn't want me to be in this pain. He thinks that if there is a cause then there is a cure....


Keturah - November 20

Canada must live in Southern Ontario!!!! I too am having a hard time with the rain..:) and not PMS but that and the FOG..I do not know which day it is sometimes...I am blessed to have a very understanding husband's hoping yours will come around soon!


Canada17 - November 21

A little north of Southern Ontario, looking at another day of rain and then if we're lucky some sun on Sunday...ha!

OMG! The fog was out of control today!!

I kept getting up from my desk to do something and I'd get sidetracked by something else along the way. Then as soon as I got back to my desk I'd have to get right back up again because I remembered why I got up in the first place! I walked around in circles all day today! lol


tnichel - November 21

Typical male. Always wanting to fix things that can't be fixed. But you still love him don't you? lol. Just joking. You're a lucky girl. I wish I had a special someone in my corner. Maybe things wouldn't be so overwhelming. Sometimes I wonder if I had found a partner before all this happened if things would be better. Now I don't even have the energy to date let alone go clubbing or bar hopping. Not complaining. Just some of the things I think about.


Canada17 - November 21

I know this may sound weird but have you ever thought of online dating?

I can't say that I met my husband directly through online dating, but I met one of his friends that way, and that's how I met him. So indirectly, if I hadn't tried online dating, I wouldn't have met the man who introduced me to my husband! lol It's messed up, I know.

I only say the following to prove a point, and not because I am vain: I didn't need to hide behind the computer to get a date, I got plenty of dates the "old fashioned" way. However, if you meet a guy while there is alcohol and dancing involved...chances are he's only looking for one thing. While you can meet your dream man that way, it may take a few duds.

I found online dating less tiresome. I could chat with them from the comfort of my own home and if I felt comfortable, I would agree to meet them in public - and if at any point he creeped me out...delete. By all means, online dating isn't for everyone and you have to be careful and have your guard up, but it did work for me.

Two thing that I believe more than anything is that everything happens for a reason, and you never find love when you're looking for it, love always finds you and when you least expect it. :)


Keturah - November 23

I met my husband online two years ago...we emailed on Jan 18/07...met in person Feb 3/07..and married July 28/07...never had to leave the you know what I is the 21st century way of dating!!! Go for it...don't worry about your illness..I was the same but if it is the right guy it will work out fine. It does make a huge difference to have someone who supports of luck!



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