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PMS and FM
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shann - December 13

I tend to have flares for about 10 days prior and during my period monthly.... Is this common with everyone else?? The feeling of not taking deep enough breaths, the chest tenderness ALLLLL over, and the increased neck back and shoulder pain, as well as severe digestive IBS issues... I am totally fatigued, and yet I get little sleep, I get shooting pain in my hips, and I get chronic vaginal/bladder infections almost every single month.... but after the 10 days pass.. give or take a day Im great, with only the occasional painful reminder of my diagnosis.... Is all this all too familiar to you as well? Thanks!


Fantod - December 13

Hello Shann -

Shallow breathing is a common problem among people who have fibromyalgia (FMS). It is believed to contribute to fibro-fog as not enough oxygen is getting to the brain. I have problems with shallow breathing most of the time. I have to make a concerted effort to breathe deeply.

I have all of the symptoms that you have described. I usually have some IBS problems but they are usually not severe. I have had, however, some cramps that were so bad I hoped that I would simply pass out - no such luck.

Joint pain is associated with PMS as well as fibromyalgia. My joints, particularly the ones with arthitis, become unbearable. I usually apply a liberal coating of a sportscream or Arnica to offset some of the pain.

I'd like to suggest that you try taking Melatonin to help with your sleep issues. You could either take it as your period approaches or all of the time. I use 1mg every night along with Amitriptyline and it helps quite a bit. You can go up to 3mg safely. You can find it at any decent health food store. Most people with FMS suffer from a deficiency of melatonin because their sleep cycles are so disrupted. I've found adding it to my regimen has been very helpful. Start with 1 mg and take it on a weekend to see how it affects you. Wait a week and if you need more, add it slowly. Be sure you understand how to use it and the risks associated with Melatonin.

Calcium is also very helpful for symptoms related to PMS. You need to take about 1200mg of calcium every day. It is my understanding that it may take up to three cycles to really feel some relief. Some people find that a low dose antidepressant works wonders too.

I wish I could say that once my period passes that my pain issues dwindle. They are certainly better but I'd rather tap dance in a mine field and take my chances than put up with FMS all of the time.

I hope that my comments were helpful to you. Take care and Happy Holidays.



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