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Please respond to Oprah's website for public awareness on Fibro
13 Replies
Joni - September 26
I just sent her a letter today. If you log into this site & go under regular features, listed is we want your show ideas. Then please send her e-mail requesting show on fibromyalgia to gain public awareness so more research can be done! Thanks!


tonyab1838 - September 3

I e-mailed her about a month ago. I haven't received a response yet. Hopefully if alot of people write to her then she will see a need to do a show. Good luck!


JB - September 18

Please respond to her website! The more of us that do this, we may get the attention that we need for research!


jks0614 - September 18

I searched her board for FM - all came up with was under "Maintaining Your Weight"!


KAren - September 22

I emailed Oprah a while back. I asked about her doing a show on fibro. Here was my response:
Thank you for your email, but because oprah receives so much email everyday, she cannot possibly read alll emails. Therefore, it is most likely that you will not receive a direct email from her. But keep watching her show. I guess in other words, she has someone else check her emails. The possiblilty of her doing a show for us is nil to non.


Jean - September 22

Yes, we need everyone to make an awareness. It takes a brave soul to bring Fibromyalgia into the lime light. We just have to find out the person who is brave enough to come out and talk about this condition.


Jan - September 23

What about Dr. Phil ?


Charmaine - September 23

I have e-mailed Oprahs' website tonight and received the usual return resonse as Karen. This was an immediate resonse to the e-mail so here's hoping???


Jean - September 23

I think if we can bring awareness through any talk show would be a plus.


Karen - September 24

Hi I was just sitting here thinking. Instead of sending emails to her - how about a direct letter to Oprah about what each of us is going through. Every individal is different so maybe if we all wrote her with our stories, it may get some attention. You never know.


tonyab1838 - September 25

That's a good idea Karen! At least it will look like we have taken time out of our day, to show her how much it means to us. Hopefully everyone else will do the same.


Jean - September 26

Do you have her address or are you just sending e-mails of your stories?


Karen - September 26

I will attempt to get an address where we can send her mail to and post it here for everyone.


Karen - September 26

Here is the address to the Oprah Winfrey show:
it is:
Harpo Productions Inc.
110 N.Carpenter St.
Chicago, Ill 60607
C/O Oprah Winfrey
You never know we might get lucky!



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