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Please read this post out here titled www.tms help.To Put An End To This GAME.
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Debra - September 21

Your Answer:
Hello to everyone.I have found the problem that started this whole thing.For many months you all know that there were people out here pretending to be me.This is the reason for it.I had commented here on this post about a book, i think that we have all given are fare share of comments out here and there is nothing wrong with that at all.Its an open fourm out here to try to help one another any way we can.Whether it be sugesting a book,cream,therapy and so on.Because of this simple comment that i said here these as i call them the book guys started to call me and lots of other people really bad names and played a very long sick game here.Again just because of a book.This must have taking them alot of time and effort to use some of our names and go on and on.I dont care to cut up the book because it might have helped some of you out here,but these books guys the real trolls really played a number on me and you to.God forbid if you ever really made them more angry then they all ready are,they might have tried to find you and hurt you.I know who you are and i know that this stupid game that you have played is over now for good.I really did not deserve what you have done to me and how you used my name to get people to dislike me.That is very cruel.Please end this now. Thank You. Debra....


Debra - September 11

Please if you care to know the truth then read the post that says EVERY ONE SHOULD BE GOING TO THIS WEB SITE..WWW.TMS HELP. It goes something like that.When you read it you will then know why these guys did what they did.If you dont want to read it, i shall respect that.If youre going to say rude things to me please dont.I dont want to play any games and i'm sick of people using my name to cause trouble out here.You dont have to read this if you dont want to ,its your choice.Remember you dont have to read this or get involved with this at all.I'm just trying to get these guys to give me a break and let me enjoy some of the great people here that i have exchanged messages back and forth to a few months back.Thank you.Debra.......


Pearl - September 11

Even though you have had a negative experience with some people, it probably isn't a good idea to say that all the people at a website are sick and would 'find people and hurt them'... that is extreme don't you think? bordering on slanderous. dangerous comments that you could get in trouble, I would let it go now. the more you talk about this the worse it gets. Please don't strike back at me, I realize you are frustrated but I am just trying to help you.


Debra - September 11

Hi:Pearl I did not say all the people at that web site.I said the guys.Well most of the people out here understand what guys i mean.O.K.Parker your really sick.Now your using other peoples names.Nice Name Pearl.You need to get my posts back down to the bottom so now you have to keep going all night to keep yours at the top by starting different topics and names.Smart but not that smart.


Pearl - September 11

You are paranoid. Please leave me out of this. I knew I shouldn't have said anything.


Pearl - September 11

O.K. I'm Sorry DEBRA.My nose should stay in my own buisness.


Debra - September 15

Oh God PLEASE!!! Help stop me from letting my sickness get so out of control!!! I'm unable to take care of myself and all my sickness and schizophrenia are starting to show! Help me, help me stop before the others in the forum find out! I don;t want them to know how bad it is for me, how this strange sickness has gotten into my brain and warped my mind! Oh God, help me, please!


Zzzzzzzzzzzzz - September 21

Name: donna | Date: August 17, 2006, 11:45 am
Answer: are some of you people not smart enough to realize that it was not Debra? Do you not realize anyone can type any name in? I've had enough of the people on this site blaming someone for something they did not do. Moving on..



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