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Jean - September 14

I would like to know if anyone out there tried message therapy. I did and for 1 hour I was in pain finding the trigger points and trying to release them and I wanted to know if anyone else had the same thing occur. Also I found out anemia can cause alot of the symptoms we have with this condition or maybe it comes with this condition. Is there any response to that? Anybody? What got me looking into that area was my fingernails. Did you know your nails can tell you about your physical self? I was amased at what I found. Let me know how you feel about this. I'm searching like everyone else and in pain and just like the next person here. A little support would help you know. I'm just frustrated!


Anna - September 12

I try to get a massage every other week once a week would be great but that gets expensive. I find it helps for temporary relief. Haven't heard about the nail thing what are you supposed to look for in your nails? Hope you feel better.


Joni - September 12

Hello Jean. I can understand your frustration! I have had fibro full-time since 1997. I have been anemic as a child & when pregnant, but otherwise, no. Are you getting enough iron now? I can't afford to go to a massage therapist, so I have my kids or boyfriend help me with that. Seems they have to get in there very deep as pain feels like it goes clear to the bones! Some areas are so very tender! My fingernails get ridges when under major stress like around the holidays I notice it after & they are very brittle & crack. No signs of yellow though.If you would like more support you can e-mail me at [email protected] I would love having a support system myself as my folks & sister's have moved away. I notice that you have had good advice for others, I hope you can find relief for yourself. Hugs....Joni


Jean - September 13

Thanks for replying, I feel releived. About the fingernails, I found this under fingernail health on the web and it tells how your fingernails tells you about what may be wrong such as anemia. We have fatigue and if you have anemia this could be the problem. Anyway it does hurt to get a message and I was told to have this done every 3-4 weeks but the pain is so pronounced I don't think I can take it. Still having trouble with sleep, the doctor put me halcion and it has made me feel awful. I'm about ready to give up on sleep. I've tried everything I can do and nothing helps it seems to get worse and my doctors will not rule out MS either so I have anxietry with that as well. Maybe I should stop all medes and clean out and start over again... I don't know!


Joni - September 13

I usually take a Tylenol PM & 1 zanex at night to help sleep.


Jean - September 14

I've been on Ambien for so long my system won't respond to it anymore. I thought I would just detox and get cleaned out and try again. Thanks.



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