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Please read----regarding the Original Two Barbaras Down
4 Replies
barbar - December 13

I have posted this on the original thread but I wanted a header to call people's attention to it. It's important to me: Thanks, guys. I was actually moved by your concern and I appreciate it. I didn't see anything wrong, inappropriate, or alarming in the post (the 'Two Barbaras Down') even after I had read it over several times. However, reading it over more recently, I do see it. The difference is that the more recent reads came after they cut my Cymbalta dose in half. (I talk about this in its own thread, 2 Barbaras and Cymbalta. ) What's alarming is that that post (the 'Two Barbaras Down') may have resulted from the increase in the Cymbalta. Not everybody who takes this medication will have the same problem, for example, I am still on the medication and not only have these ideas have gone away but I can now be alarmed myself at what I wrote. I want to thank you all for alerting me to this, you are my guardian angels, because I missed this effect of the medication. I live alone and there is no one there to catch these kinds of things, things observable only from an external view. It was my guardian angels here who saw it and may have saved my life. I thought I was ok BUT, who knows, I might have acted on those ideas. So thank you, thank you, thank you and THIS is what this forum is for!!!!!


larry - December 13

You have a very good heart Barbara.......


CarrieLee - December 13

Three threads ALL called "Two Barbaras Down"..... what about all the newbies questions that are now DOWN at the bottom of the barrel because of the multiple postings here? Barbar, I know you have the best of intentions and I am not trying to pick on you (really) and you DO have a big heart but this is terrible netiquette... your posts take up 1/2 of the the top of the page! 5 or 6 posted in the last hour alone! C'mon now.... lets give everyone else a chance shall we?


CarrieLee - December 13

p.s. Barbar, I only say this because this message is virtually identical (cut & paste) to your other one thanking the girls you just posted. I am really glad you are feeling better, but you have already said this word for word in the post under this one. I feel bad for the new people! They must think that no one cares about THEIR issues, we are so wrapped up in our own stuff. I expect that "someone" will jump ALL over me for saying this, but it really needs to be said! I only have the best intentions. Do you guys even notice that no one NEW is coming back???


JJ1 - December 13

Barbar, that is pretty scary what a med can do for you. It just reiterates the fact that what's good for some could have devestating effects on others. Glad you are doing better.



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