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Please, I need an uplift
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PEANUT - August 30

Hi.I am feeling so bummed right now. 6 weeks ago I was diagnosed with FMS and put on Cymbalta. 3 weeks ago I had surgery for a hysterectomy and prolapse repair and ended up in ICU as my body was having problems expelling the carbon dioxide.Last week my oldest daughter (who has borne us 2 beautiful grandsons) had a miscarriage.And now we brought my mother in for a CT scan and it shows that she has a spot on her lungs-I can't think that can be anything good. Tomorrow we are bringing her to the Lung Health Clinic. I don't know how much more 'bad' stuff I can take right now - all this and having to deal with post surgical healing and, of course, FMS.I guess I am feeling a little sorry for myself right now and I really can't think of better 'ears' to lay it on.Thanks for listening.


cincin - August 31

Understandably you are bummed, your list is overwhelming.It always seems to come all at once, but you and everyone else will get through this and perhaps find a few laughs in between and new depths in each other. Just be sure to take time for yourself.Big breathe in and.......exhale.


January - August 31

Hi Peanut - A spot on the lung does not necessarily mean terrible news. I know someone who had one, and was told by surgeons he would need to have a lobe removed. He did not do that, he got other opinions, and the spot healed on its own. Over a decade has gone by and he's fine. Every case is different though, just make sure you get a second (even a third) opinion if it seems serious. Sometimes doctors do unnecessary procedures on people. Sometimes the films have a glitch on them. I hope that more testing will turn up nothing. If there is a problem, take it one day at a time and reach out for support.

I know you've had a string of tough things happen, and I'm so sorry to hear about the miscarriage. I hope you are recovering from your surgery and feeling a bit better. Try not to stress until you know there's something to stress about with your mom. Easier said than done, I know. Good luck with it all, and make sure you take care of yourself. Let your family help out and support you.


kvc33 - September 1

Focus on your own healing and the love you have for your family. A miscarriage is very sad but there is nothing that you can do about it. Encourage your daughter to get support from others who have been through the same thing or a counselor if she needs help. Some women take it very hard and others don't. Lots of things can cause spots on the lungs so you really don't know what is going on yet so take January's advice.



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