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Please help me determine whether or not I have Fibro.!!!!!
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AprilM - March 18

*sigh, my life has been extremely difficult these past 2 months. It's like the symptoms starting suddenly, out of nowhere. I wake up maybe once a week with a sore throat. My ankle and wrist joints have become so painful that I can't even lift my 14 month old daughter anymore. I have shooting (nerve?) pain from the top of my arms down, and from the bottom of my legs up. My right arm and left leg tend to fall asleep and get numb almost every day. Last night I woke up and couldn't feel my left leg at all. The muscles on my upper arms and thighs are extremely sensitive to the touch and constantly bruise (although that has been that way for years). And the FATIGUE! I can sleep for 10 hours and still wake up feeling terrible. I feel like I have concrete blocks tied to my limbs, they're so fatigued. After waking, my upper back is stiff for a couple of hours and it will go away later in the afternoon. Constant headaches, irritability, hormonal imbalances, and a major change in my skin the past couple of months. I'm a month away from 25 years old, I thought I was a very healthy person, and I eat and drink VERY well. I went to the doctor and he tested me for arthritis but it came back negative so he blew it off. This is taking over my life and after doing research of my own, I think what I have is Fibromyalgia...any ideas? Please help!


lacie - March 19

Self-diagnosis is always very risky. You could have a serious condition that you have misdiagnosed. My suggestion is to find a doctor to give you a second opinion. I was diagnosed by a rheumatologist and a pain management specialist. Primary care doctors aren't always trained to test for fibromyalgia. I know that my primary care doctor knows little to nothing about the condition.

If you think you have fibro and the doctor is blowing you off, ask him if he thinks your symptoms are consistent with fibromyalgia. If he says no, ask why not and ask what condition he thinks is causing your symptoms. He might say that he does not know, in which case ask for a referral to a doctor who might know. If he is really a jerk about it, just go see another doctor. There are tons of doctors out there and you don't need to waste your money seeing someone you don't trust.

Good luck.



ptalana - March 19

Hi April and welcome to our forum. I'm so sorry that you are going through so much recently. What I would suggest is that you get an appointment with a rheumatologist, relay all your symptoms. Testing for Fms normally consists of first eliminating other causes that could be causing the symptoms you're suffering from. There is also a 18 tender point test that is done and they say you should have at least 11 of these tender points for a definitive diagnosis. That being said I have heard that you can have Fms without experiencing these tender points.
I would also suggest keeping a journal of everything you're experiencing daily to take to your initial appointment. This will also help your doctor with a diagnosis.
Please try to find a rheumatologist that is well versed with Fibromyalgia. You can call your local hospital's physician referral service and they should be able to give you some names. It is extremely important to get proper, supportive medical help. There are still many who don't recognize Fibromyalgia!
I wish you all the best, please let us know how everything works out.
Stay strong, sending you gentle hugs, Patty:)


rhapsody - March 19

Your symtoms don't sound like fibromyalgia. A few, sure, in a general sense, but it really sounds to me like you have a lot more going on. You need to push your doctor to pursue this. Offhand, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome generates some of these symptoms. Numbness does not go with either. I'd suggest getting your thyroid checked too. Something is not right, you know this, and if your doctor doesn't take you seriously, then go to one who does. And get well!



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