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please help I am scared
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jrzgirl1 - May 6

I have Fibro and balance problems. I have alot of stress in my life, been to PCP, ENT,Neurologist brain scan with/ without contrast. came back normal, was sent to PT but they could not do anymore for me, told me to see a therapist to talk. I have a new Granddaughter and can only hold her sitting down, her mothers rules, I am getting worse, I also have cervical neck problems, cannot take any meds except tylenol. I wake up in a dizzy fog, my memory is shot and I have IBS and Gerd. I just want to give up, no support from family especially family, it's always a negative answer or reaction. oh and I have OCD PLEASE HELP ME TY


Jocelyn - May 6

Hi jrzgirl1,

You sound like a lot of us on the forum. You have Fibro with overlapping problems.

From the short synopsis that you wrote, it seems to me that you are not seeing the correct doctors.

When doctors start telling you they cannot help you, then you need to do some research and see other doctors who deal with your symptoms and your illness on a whole. From your online name I am guessing you may come from New Jersey.

I do not know if you are seeing local doctors or not, but if you are, I would suggest you get yourself to a large major medical hospital, even if you need to travel a little further. These large hospitals have seen so much more than the local doctors and are better equipped and in a better position to help you. As far as seeing a therapist to talk too, that is not bad idea, however, you need to be seeing a doctor that can help with your symptoms, as well. Talking can ease our mind, but Fibro needs treatment. I have been going through PT and it has helped me and is a painful struggle every day, but it doesn't help everyone, all of our needs are different. But, you do need medical attention. You also need to help yourself because no matter how many drugs they have, helping maintain our mobility is key with Fibro, even if your balance isn't too good.

There are Fibro PT's who know how to help work the body. My PT, works with Fibro clients and has helped me walk again. This was a very painful journey for me, my muscles, coordination and everything else was at a stop. I continue to walk almost every day now that I got it back, but I do have to talk myself into it at times, because I really don't want to do it, but I know if I do, I will feel better. And yes, I still have pain, but I can tolerate it better.

People with Fibro, from what I have seen on this forum, have many of the same symptoms, but also have variations of others, like yours.

You can type in your symptoms in the blue box and perhaps you will find someone with your experience, and be able to read the links to see what is being done to help them.

My son has OCD and was treated at a major hospital and has been doing well for years. OCD can be very over-powering, especially when you are not feeling well from other illnesses. People who do not have OCD cannot understand how difficult that disease is, never mind adding Fibro which will only enhance your symptoms more, making it so much more difficult to function.

Is your family the ones causing you stress or is it your illness? I only ask, because if your family does not understand what you are dealing with, you need to print out what you have off your computer and give each person a total run down of your illnesses and tell them that you pray none of them ever get it!!!! This is something no one wishes on anyone and that their understanding and help would be appreciated!

As far as holding your new Granddaughter, I would try not to take too much offense over the fact that you can only hold her sitting down, since you already admitted to having a balance problem. Perhaps, as my son would say, it may be my COD talking and controlling my thoughts, so I have to try not to obsess over what people say and when you have OCD that is difficult to do. When you think of what you said above, and try to pull your OCD out of the way, it is only reasonable that you need to sit when holding your Granddaughter. You would not want to be responsible for dropping the baby and causing injury or death, you would never forgive yourself. So, until you have your balance back, I don't think your daughter is being unfair, but if she is being disrespectful when requesting this, her attitude needs to be corrected. Safety has to come first when children are involved. Please try to consider that.

It may be nice for you to sit with your daughter and have a heart to heart if you can. Please do not take offense that I feel you need to sit with the baby, I am not taking sides. I am just taking from what I read above and looking after your granddaughters safety. If it were me, I would only want to hold her sitting down, those are my thoughts.

Please remember you need to get yourself more help and don't be afraid to tell your PCP that you want specialists in the fields of your illnesses and that you want new doctors.

Never give up!

Take care...I am going to take a nap so that I can walk my dog. That is what I have to do to keep myself going. We all have our bag of tricks. No one has it easy, we just keep on trying to make a difference in all of our lives.

Please write back!


kvc33 - May 6

If you have IBS and GERD you absolutely have to change your diet. A specialist in CFS spoke at our local meeting recently and she said that 50% of us have food allergies. Did you know that food allergies can cause mental and emotional health problems as well? Get yourself to a naturopathic doctor who can test you for food allergies or just do it yourself with some help from books from the library. The most common culprits are diary products and gluten. There is no need to have diary in your diet and there are so many alternative milks now - coconut, almond, rice, hemp, etc. Avoiding gluten means getting off wheat and all other grains that contain it. You can have rice and rice products. No doctor is going to fix you, you have to make changes yourself. I also have OCD now due to a medication I took. In my case it is caused by high dopamine levels. Stress also raises dopamine. Daily practise of deep breathing, meditation can help. There is a book you should read called Recovery from CFS fifty true stories. Almost everyone one in the book made significant diet change to get well.


jrzgirl1 - May 7

test to see if this posts


Jocelyn - May 7

yes, we see you test posts.



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