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Please Help, At My Wits End!
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bridetobesam - January 25

Hi, Im new to this forum and I would really love some help and advice. I was diagnosed with FM 20 years ago (when I was 16). The main symptoms were general muscle pain (although worse around my knees) and fatigue. I think I have coped really well with this over the years and took myself off the amitriptyline about 7 years ago as I was coping pretty well.

However, around 2 years ago, I started getting terrible pains in my shoulders which totally debilitated me. This was diagnosed as impingement and I was put on solpadol and given steroid injections into my shoulders. The injections do help for a few months.
A year and a half ago I blacked out for no reason cracking my head open and was violently sick for hours after I came round. I was taken to hospital and was just told that I had pelvic inflammatory disease and given antibiotics for a few weeks. Although I felt better, I have never since then felt back to my old self. I have had further spells of nausea and a few months ago started getting terrible stomach pains (all over). I was sent to see a urologist who thinks I have interstitial cystitis (another thing connected to FM I believe). I am due to have a cystoscopy and biopsy to diagnose this on 7th Feb.

The problem I have is that my symptoms are just getting worse. I am having terrible pains in my stomach and side radiating to my lower back. Sometimes it is just a severe ache and sometimes it is a stabbing pain. I have had such severe chest pain (that subsides eventually) that my boyfriend actually though I was having a heart attack! My sides (especially my left) feel swollen and sore to touch and it hurts to lie on them and it hurts behind my left breast sometimes with stabbing pains. I feel really nauseas and now I am getting terrible pains in my shoulders and knees again which could be because I am run down or worried I guess.

I have been to my doctor upteen times and although she admits my stomach does seem tender, she is reluctant to do anything else until I have had my cystoscopy and biopsy, even though the pain is not all in my bladder area. However, she took blood tests and they have thrown up inflammatory markers which she has said would be nothing to do with my bladder, more likely my colon or bowel!

I am really worried now and feel like I am being fobbed off at the doctors / hospital because I have FM!

My question is, I have read about costochondritis which can be common in FM sufferers. Has anyone had or got this and do my stomach symptoms sound like it could be this? Can Costochondritis show up as inflammatory markers on blood tests? I really am worrying now as I feel so awful and in so much pain that I am just struggling to do anything which is not like me. I also feel that if it isnt something like costochondritis (or a similar FM related illness) then they could be wasting time diagnosing something else.

Please help I feel so unwell and I feel like im being fobbed off. Thanks


meggie - February 7

Hi im new to this site myself, i just noticed you had your tests done today? I hope they werent too traumatic and you can get some answers to your horrible symptoms. I dont have too many stomach problems myself so im not able to offer any answers but my best wishes are with you.



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