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MrTube - July 19

Ok I have an appointment to see a Dr this week but I would like to have other opinions just for my own knowledge.

In 2004 I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis. I also have psoriasis. No treatment has helped me and it seems I continue to get worse. A few nights ago it occurred to me the pain is never in my joints. Its also in between joints or by joints or in muscles. For example its common for my fingers to hurt in between the joints. yet it comes and goes. over 6 years I have had zero damage to any joints even tho the pain is EXTREME at times.

I have 2 spots in my chest as well as my shoulders that can cripple me if someone lightly pushes on them. I wake up barely able to move every morning. If I get a cold it gets 10X worse during the sickness. this is throughout my entire body, almost every muscle or tendon has ached at one time or another. The best way to describe the muscle pain is it feels like I worked out all day and the muscle aches if I use it. yet I haven't worked out all day. I feel this in both legs, shoulders, back, chest, hands. My knees do hurt but the joints don't seem swollen from what I can tell. My thumb muscles ache bad almost always.

Is there any chance this is actually fibromyalgia and not arthritis? As I said I will be seeing a DR this week but want to educate my self as best I can before hand.

Sorry for the long post.


ufdacentral - July 19

Hi Mr. Tube
the symptoms you have discribed sure sound like they could be part of FM...but until you see a doctor that understands FM and the pain your talking about it might be hard for you find out if it is FM--I would think they will try and rule out all other conditions first.
I hope they find out quickly for you...there is nothing worse then unexplained pain.
Keep in touch---I would like to know what your doctor says. Hang in there..Blessings to you.



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