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please help!!!!
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Wendy - April 1

I'am a female in her mid fortys. I have been having a lot of weird symptoms going on for several years. Went to a rheumatologist and he said i had localized FM pain but really don't know weather I have FM or not. I can't seem to find anybody to help me. My symptoms are left sided burning pain,pain in ribs,shortness of breath,hurts to lay on my side at night,wake up stiff,hard to even wake up,wake up like i have never even gone to sleep,Blurry vision,Sunlight hurts eyes,Wrists hurt,fingers,jaw pain,neck pain,back pain,feel very tired all day. The only thing that helps is a very hot bath but when I get out the pain just comes back. I was wondering if this sounds like FM. I feel scared because I really don't know what is wrong. I live in the Portland area and if anyone knows of a good doctor please let me know. Thank You


AKFlyfisher - March 21

Wendy it sounds to me like you do have FM. Cant your rheumatolgist try and treat you with Elavil? It is an old tricylcic antidepressent which helps you stay asleep and helps with pain. It may take a couple weeks or month to start working. I know there is a fibro treatment center in the Seattle area at Univ of WA I believe, but Portland should have it as well. There is no one test that a doctor cand do to confirm if you have Fibro. None of the docs Ive seen in the past could tell either. Some dont beleive in the illness and dont care. You need to find a better doctor and demand treatment from them. Most are pretty open to prescribing drugs, thats how they make money which is sad. Keep reading this forum and you will learn a lot and try to start walking daily for excecise and take good vitamins.


wendy - March 22

Thank you so much for the infromation. I have been dealing with this for a long long time and have had every test in the world and nothing. I just want to know what i have so I can start on some kind of treatment. It is a very horrible thing to go through. Some days you feel so bad that you just want to give up. Is it possible to feel bad every single day with this stuff. I havy horrible chest pain and it makes you think that something really bad is wrong and there not finding it. Everything I have read is so much like me but I still need some kind of answer. Thanks again.Where are u from?


Terri - March 22

Hi Wendy! I'm so sorry to hear about your pain. I do understand. With FM it is one day
at a time. It's learning to cope with the fatigue
and pain. As you see on this site your not alone. I think that was good advise from the last answer to your concerns. Sleep is a big issue, I have trouble with that as well. I feel strong exercise is so important, it also can help with sleep. I like yoga and the water. It's hard to exercise when you hurt or to tired to do anything, but do what you can. I have a support group in Nashville, TN. You are welcome to e-mail me and I will try to support
you where I can. God Bless. [email protected]


wendy - March 22

Hi Terri
Thank you so much for the support. Do you experience shortness of breath. I become really tired and short of breath without hardly doing anything. Thank you so much for all your kindness. Wendy


Terri - March 22

Wendy, I haven't really had shortness of breath. Feeling tired most of the time, I do fight
with. I hope things will get better for you. Even
though I'm feeling tired right now. I'm on my way in a minute to the Health Club for yoga. Try to do some type of exercise everyday if you can, even if it's only 10 minutes. Best Wishes!


Sara - March 23

I'm just over the river in Vancouver, WA from you. Don't be scared. You'll have to educate yourself and your doctor on FMS. It takes most people years to get diagnosed, then the work really begins! You have to find what works for you. FMS is complicated and it takes trying different things to find what works for you. I'm local, have tried everything except the new drug Lyrica (Pregabalin) and a new thing I just found was this 8-day cleanse on I'm thinking about it for my self...thought others might want to see it. I'll keep in touch.


wendy - March 25

Hi Sara. You do live close to me. i was wondering where you go to the doctor for treatment. I'm not a big pill person and my doctor just put me on Lexapro. Sometimes the meds just make me feel worse and I don't tolarate them very well. She also gave me flexril muscle rexlant and elavil. But like I said before I don't really know if FMS is my problem. I will go to a new rheumatolgist soon. Some of them won't treat FMS or don't beleive in it. I just need so bad for someone to know what the cause of all my symptoms are from. I have never had so many different things go wrong with my body. It seems like something goes away then somethings else starts. A new pain etc. Thanks so much for talking with me. Wendy


Jean - April 1

Seek a good Rheumatologist, internal medicine doctor and a pain management center.


barbar - December 18

Could you give us an update on how you're doing with this? Hope you doing ok.



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