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DJNick - September 6

Hi there,

I don't really know where to start. I am a 27 year old Male from the South of England.

I have recently been prescribed Lyrica (Pregabalin) and through reseaching this drug I have found Fibromyalgia and this site.

About 7 years ago I woke up one morning unable to feel my right leg, it had gone completely numb, like your arm goes if you sleep on it. I couldn't feel it at all. I called my GP and she stated to rest and let her know if it didn't improve. A week went by, and no improvement. And my new party trick of sticking pins in my leg was getting alittle worrying. So the Doc suggest a chiropractor.

The chiropractor x-rayed and found Sacrylisation on RT Sacryliac joint, and did some manipulation and finally i started to get some feelings back. This was the start of everything.

Previous to this i had had dull aches and pains and have always had trouble sleeping, since i started puberty. And used to get the odd shooting pains down my legs.

Once I had seen the Chiropractor my feeling started to return but not to a normal sensation. I was in constant pain, with muscle cramps - but normally only effecting my right leg.

This caused me to spend allot of time off work and made me give up my DJ career and Radio slot.

Since then I have seen 3 GPs, 1 consultant ortho, had 2 MRIS and are about to have an EMG.

Now my legs have continued to get worse, along with my sleeping. Some days i feel i can not even get out the house i'm so tired, yet when i try to sleep - I cant.

Now 6 years on and over 4 years off work on benefits, my major probs are my shoulders, neck and head. My neck is terribly painful and i would often wake up with really bad neck aches that worked up to debilitating head aches and eye aches. And once these set in there seamed nothing that could help.

I have also had a few small fits / siezures. Only lasting 30 seconds but leaving me confussed and dazed for days afterwoods. These fits are normally preceeded with extreme sweating and imense body temp rise. Sometimes i get the sweats and temperature rises and can stop the fits by cooling my self down.

Sleeping is also a major problem when im untreated.

Now from having 4 years off and only being treated with Co-proximal (which did nothing) and ibuprofen I started to use cannabis, as suggested by my chiropractor. This is found to work, very well.

For the first time in ages I could sleep well, and the pains were starting to subside but best of all i could eat again. (Oh my apetite is next to nothing, even when my stomach is hurting its so empty)

This was great until i decided i couldn't keep buying canabis, so i decided to grow it. Being UK, there is no MedRX program, so i broke the law.

This got me arrested, and prompted me to find another GP that would listen.

So a year ago the GP put me on 4mg Diazipam at night to help my neck aches and DiHydroCodiene 30 mg upto 8 per day.

These started to help, the normal pains were controlled reletively well with the DHC and the Diazipam helped stop the morning neck pains. So i managed to slowly return to work, Started at 8 hours per week.

This was going great, except still wasnt sleeping nor eating. I lost 3 stone from when i stopped using cannabis. And i was far from overweight then.

So i decided after a few months to start using cannabis every now and then so i could eat better and get some sleep. This enabled me to push my hours to 18 hours a week and come off of Long term incap.

Then i got arrested again in a morning raid, all for 3 grams of cannabis the police saw be buy the night before.

So i returned to my GP, and saw a locum, who turned out to be a Student neurologist and he reccommended i try Pregabalin or Gabapentin.

I went away - discussed with family. My sister is a consultant at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore and they said go for it.

So the doctor now has me on 150 mg (across 2x 75mg) pregabalin rising to 300mg daily. 4mg Diazipam at night and 2-4mg for day time use if needed and DiHydrocodiene 30mg for pain.

Firstly i must say that the Pregabalin completely wriped my out at first. I started to call them my Head re-arragment pills. Felt like i had had brain surgery over the night, and first morning i woke up really dazed and confussed. Found my self in tescos with my slippers on, and general stupid goofy mistakes.

Then they started to work. I havent had a bad, debilitating head ache since these started kicking in, and i have slept almost every night, but most off all i remember dreaming. The fact i can now sleep quite well it amazing. The leg pains and general fatigue seam to have dulled a little too.

This Pregabalin really does seam to be a wonder drug. Previosly cannabis was the only thing to offer some relief, but now the Pregabalin makes me wonder why I ever tried cannabis and why i wasn't put on this sooner.

But my problem is with the fact that i still don't know whats wrong with me. I don't think its MS, the EMG should help with that. I don't think its CFS or GAD. The only diagnosis i can find would be that off FMS. If anything had to tick all the boxes of the symptoms i have it would be FMS. I mean the tender points and sleep issues are the most striking similarities between FMS and my symptoms.

All i can say is that these Pregabalin have really changed my life. My family and work colleagues note that i have a smile most the time now, seams to have a spring in my step (when able to walk that is) and can't stop eating.

Do you think i need to start asking my Doctor about an FMS diagnosis or do you think they are thinking this already by putting me on Pregabalin?

Also, any pregabalin users, did you find the sleeping and eating help subsides after a while or is this a constant effect of the drug? I hope it is! But i havent upped my dose to 300mg yet and the first side effects scared me alittle.

Any help or suggestions, anyone can offer will be more than greatfully received and appreciated.

Sorry for all the ramble. That seams to be another effect of pregabalin - I can now talk for England, think it may be the fact i'm sleeping now!

Many thanks



DJNick - September 6

Sorry didn't mean to add twice. It looked like it didnt submit.

Mod please delete.



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