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Plantar fasciitis has planted a thorn in my side
3 Replies
solanadelfina - December 20

First off, I apologize for the terrible pun. :)

A few of you mentioned that you have this along with fibro, and I'm curious as to what your care regiments are. I stretch my calves and feet every day, ice them in the morning, and take Tylenol as needed. However, I'm wondering how much and what types of exercise are acceptable. Dance has been put on hold, but I can still do yoga.

Work is still being a problem. I have doctor's orders from my podiatrist, but I (not the manager, but I) had to fax them to corporate HR to get the stool thing okayed. A week and a half later, and they told my manager that they hadn't gotten it. I had faxed them the same place that I faxed my angry letter about my lax managers, but this time I was supposed to fax them directly to Texas. So now, almost three weeks after my appointment, and I still don't have official permission to sit down when needed and have been in lots of pain.

However, even sitting on a stool at register and doing buys aren't enough. I'm still in a horrendous amount of pain and come home crying. (I have to get off of the stool at the register to fetch discs, and at the buy counter you really can't sit and do anything useful, plus you have to go help the customer find something instead of giving directions.)

The info has been faxed to the Texas office, but now I'm considering taking a leave of absence but am wondering how long that will take to be okayed. I want to just leave this job that's killing me, but am worried about insurance. I found a few writing/editing jobs that look interesting, but am worried about taking a full time job now and how long insurance will need to kick in. It's a catch-22.

Forgive the long post, but I'm frustrated by my inept/malicious/uncaring managers that keep throwing up roadblocks, don't try to help me, and are fine with letting me do all of the work of contacting corporate. It's gotten to the point that my mom wants an audience with my managers to let out mama raptor, and quite frankly a good part of me wants to watch them get a verbal beatdown for all of this.

Thank you as always for listening and patient understanding. God bless us all and keep us going during the rough periods to enjoy the beauty of the good ones.


solanadelfina - December 20

Oh, and how long does it usually take to see improvement? I've been reading as much as I can and see everything from years to a few months. I'm sure the fibro and stress and lack of cooperation at a mostly-standing job aren't helping.


Fantod - December 21

Hi solanadelfina - Is the podiatrist you are seeing a sports medicine specialist?

Tylenol is absolutely not going to do it. You need a strong anti-inflammatory like Mobic to beat this thing down. Another ("fun") option is getting a cortisone shot in the foot to really get it under control once you get over the procedure. You either need to go in there and do some serious desk pounding or find another doctor.

The problem is that (and this is what happened in my case) you will develop a bone spur about the size of a pea that is just about as much trouble as the plantar fasciitis. I also have permanent tendon damage as the nazi at the front desk refused to make an emergency appointment for me even though I was an established patient.

You should also be wearing a hard soled shoes at all times - no bare feet at ANY time when walking. And, nothing backless. Has anyone said anything to you about making orthotics? You will probably need a set of them too. I have two sets - one for sneakers and one for dress shoes.

It can take months to get rid of this problem. Stretching helps and that's about it. In my own case, It took almost a year because of the delay in seeing my doctor. The pain was unbearable so I can certainly sympathize with your situation.

As for the workplace, I think you would look very unprofessional to have your mother go in to speak to the manager/s. If you have to, FedEx a copy of the paperwork you have already sent to headquarters with a signature required so you can prove when and who received it. That way they can not dance around the issue anymore. They sound like a real callous bunch of idiots. I'd call headquarters and ask to speak to the general counsel (lawyer)for the company and see it that gets you anywhere. This should not be so hard to resolve. It is a simple, reasonable and easily understood request. Your manager is a poor excuse for a human being. In the interim, keep looking for another job. Take care and Happy Holidays!


solanadelfina - December 21

Thank you as always for your wisdom, Fantod. The podiatrist I'm seeing is very knowledgable. He suggested that I purchase special inserts called SuperFeet that are tough and give decent support. (I also have very low arches.) They have been helping immensely, and I've been trying to wear shoes inside, but I've been a barefoot girl forever and it's a huge change.

I'm going make an appointment tomorrow to see him ASAP, for tomorrow or Tuesday. (He told me to come in again if the homecare didn't cut it.) I'll certainly mention the Mobic and am thinking on trying night splints. I'd like to avoid the shots and surgery if possible, but I also don't wish this to become permanent. It's been even more immobilizing than the lightheadedness, but that's mostly gone and hopefully this will be, too.

I thank you also for the Fedex suggestion. I really am not sure why corporate is being so uncooperative. There are others with fibro in other locations of the store, but ours being the smallest yet second busiest might have something to do with it. One claimed that they 'don't want to be unfair to other employees' and that 'they don't want a lawsuit'. (Which is odd because they're certainly giving fodder for one now.)They also claimed that it would be too difficult to have me go down to part-time months ago. I will do what it takes to get the care I need, even going to the president of the company herself if need be.

Right now, I'm just scared and in a lot of pain and wondering what in the blazes to do about work VS having health insurance, but there are a few cards to play there yet. There is insurance called Minnesota Care for those on a limited income that I can try for, and I still live at home, so if I have to leave or go on medical leave I can do it. I agree that having my mom come along would not be the best way to handle things, and I'm not sure how serious she is, but I understand that it's difficult for her as a mom and a nurse to see her child coming home day after day crying in pain and her bosses not caring to help at all.

Actually, I've already found a few jobs that look perfect, and the incredible first manager that I had here has agreed to be my reference, so no problems there. Wish me luck, and thank you so much! :)



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