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Plantar fascias and fibromyalgia
8 Replies
Odette - May 23

I've had fibro for approx. 16 years and now have osteoarthritis which led me to a severe used vertebrae as well as hernia that compresses my nerve. Needless to say i'm in pain all the time. My question is does one of you experience pain in the feet including fascias and heels. I was diagnosed with plantar fascias and heel spurs and prescribed arch support soles but i can't wear them, it hurts me too much. Does anyone have a similar problem?Thanks. Odette


Fantod - May 31

Yes, I have problems with my feet - plantar facias. I had quite a severe case in one foot which permantly damaged the tendon. As I understand it, people with FMS have unusually tight hamstrings as well as other muscles being affected. I wear orthotics in my shoes and take medication (mobic) for the ongoing inflammation in my foot. I also have major back problems which I have treated with accupuncture. It was quite effective after a few sessions in terms of pain control. Much better than any of the medication I had been using. Wearing orthotics and getting used to them takes time. If I had to guess, I would say your heel spurs are being aggravated by the orthotics. You may be better off having something done about the spurs so you can actually benefit from the orthotics. It is amaziing how something as simple as an insert in a shoe can help with back and knee problems. I wish you the best of luck with your situation.


azlady - June 15

I don't know if it is too late to add something to this post, but I am new here and just learning. I also have terrible heal pain especially when I get up from sitting for a while or when I get up in the morning. I can hardly put my foot down on the floor and walk. I have not talked to the dr about this because I have enough complaints that I don't want to seem like I am a chronic complainer too. I will have to just deal with some of where I am now.


JoniB - June 16

I also have plantar fasciitis (heel pain). It may be due to a number of things, but most commonly it's caused by inflammation of the fibrous tissue that runs along the bottom of your foot. The Dr. suggested heel cups and doing repetitions of stretches pulling the toes forward, 2 or 3 times a day. I notice certain shoes or sandals I wear make it worse. It usually clears up with self-care treatments within 24 months according to the Mayo Clinic Health Letter, March 2007 issue that I have.


Fantod - June 16

azlady - I would suggest finding a sports medicine specialist who is also a podiatrist. They can analyze your gait and figure out exactly what the problem is. You may need orthotics. Most FMS folks have very tight hamstrings too. Stretching is a big help. If you are complaining to your intern or primary care doctor than you are wasting your breath. As a rule, they don't know a lot about foot problems especially invovling the mechanical function of the foot, Please consider seeing someone else about your foot pain before you have some permanent damage that could have been avoided. Good luck.


dwilmoth - June 27

My plantar faciitis was so bad that I eventually had to have surgery on both feet. This was b4 I found out that I had fibro, now I see it is all connected. My foot doc said that if 10 peps have this 70% will be helped with one shot of cortizone. Out of the 3 left, a 2nd shot of cortizone will help 2 more. That last person will have to have physical therapy, more cortizone, and then surgery to get relief. I know this pain, I even wore a cast for two weeks trying to rest the tendons but it didn't work either. Nothing worked till the surgery, then unfortunately I still have troubles but sooo much better than b4. Good luck.


Glenys Taylor - June 28

Hi everyone. I'm newly diagnosed with FM officially - although it has been suspected by my GPs for a while - I't funny I should also be having problems with my heel. I never noticed how tight my achilles tendon was until I was prescribed orthotics by mistake by my chiropodist to help straighten my knees out (they cost over £200 / $400). What then happened was pain across the top of my foot, followed by achilles tenderness when I finally stopped wearing them. Investigations now show I have a boney block at the front of my foot which only showed up (as being sore) when my feet were shoved into a striaght alignment by the orthotics. This lack of movement in the foot that resulted tightened my achilles further so when I stopped wearing the insoles, pressure was put on the back of the heel/ankle again. I have seen a proper foot specialist now, at last, and am wearing heel raisers instead. These on their own encourage me to walk through my feet a little straighter, but are still keeping my achilles tight when I go barefoot. Whats more I cannot stretch the achilles far enough as the boney block prevents me from getting the angle in my foot to do so. If there is anyone out there who can offer me advice, please do so, but the main point of this is to say that orthotics might not always be the answer. I also have a leg lenth discrepancy which wasn't discovered till 2 years ago (and I'm 42 now). Because of this, mu heelraiser and orthotic took this into cosideration and it has at least settled my continuous lower back pain and discomfort. So I am saying it is never too late to get these things checked out. Thus ends War and Peace - hope you haven't nodded off yet!


LeeB - January 23

Yes. I have similar problems but I am most aware of it when I lie in bed at night. The pain disturbs my sleep and I cannot put my heels on the bed. I use voltarin cream to get some temporary relief.


nicknack - March 8

I have had planter fascias for about 3 years. A year ago I had a bad flair up that didn't respond to therapy, orthotics or cortizone shots. I ended up having surgery. It took about 4 months before I was walking without the PF pain. shortly after all this I was diagnosed with FMS.



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