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philosophical question
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kvc33 - April 10

Just what is healing? What I have seen is that some people go through a traumatic time in their lives and then the trauma ends. They either seek counseling to help them realize that things have changed and to help them get on with their lives or they keep living as though the trauma is still going on. What is a person to do when the trauma never ends? I've been extremely ill for 17 years and it just keeps getting worse. Every time I have hope, life laughs in my face and gives me yet another symptom or problem or loss to deal with. I keep hoping that somehow I will find a treatment or way of being that will end my physical, mental and emotional pain but I never find it. My abilities are so limited that I can't even find the energy to have any fun, when just taking a shower takes so much out of me. I'm not living, I'm existing, and I can't find a reason to go on. What are your thoughts on this crazy thing we call life? I find it irritating when people say that God has a plan for my life. So far his plan has totally sucked and my life is more than half over. Just when does this great plan kick in? I know I'm not alone, I see other people living lives that will never get better. Sorry to be such a downer but I really don't get what life is all about.


Cher0208 - April 11

Hi kvc33,

Well.... I know what you mean about constant suffering and I am sure a lot of people on here do. I'm 26. My parents were drug addicted. My father went to prison and my mother was abusive to only me out of my two siblings. Eventually, we got taken away from her and my father's mother took us in. She never let us forget what a burden we were to her. I have had anxiety since I was a child. I never remember not having it. I've also always been a hypochondriac. So when this physical stuff began it was my worst nightmare and incredibly difficult to go through.

Since you asked what our thoughts are on goes. I grew up Catholic, then my dad came out of prison and converted us all to Born again Christian. When I was Catholic as a child I really believed in what I was taught and when I became Born again Christian I really believed in that. Now that I am not any religion, I still believe in God and am trying to make since of why this is happening to all of us. I personally believe in reincarnation and karma. But I have recently began to believe that our thoughts create our reality to some degree. There is no way my constant state of anxiety and worry wasn't going to manifest physically and sure enough it did. I have had things happen to me..such as not getting a job I really wanted and I became devastated...gave into to letting it disappoint me to the point where it took months to get over. This fibromyalgia crap completely stopped my life when it was fresh and I couldn't get a diagnosis. I began to see that it's not what happens to you, it's how you react to it. So even if I am hurt, disappointed, scared, in a bunch of pain, I will find something positive and focus on it. Yeah, it feels like bullshit sometimes but it helps tremendously. As far as why I got this...I just think that there are things that I need to learn and this is helping me learn. I am taking care of my body like I never have nor was ever going to. I am learning to truly LOVE myself and to put myself first. You have to do that in order to love anybody else. And also, now I want to help others get healthy and maybe become a nutritionist. I have always been a victim and have been in the "flight" mode. Well now I am tired of it. I'm tired of being at the mercy of doctors who couldn't care less about us, tired of being in pain and tired of being tired. I have experienced a shift and I now feel like a fighter. Fear is slowly slipping away and I feel courage. I thought....I am going to eat as healthy as I can, exercise when I can, keep my stress to a minimum, STOP getting caught up in trying to save and run other peoples lives, I'm going to get enough sleep at night and always always learn about nutrition and health. I research it everyday and I listen to pod casts on Epstein Barr and Fibro. I learn about anti-inflammatory foods and make sure to eat them as much as possible. I am going to do whatever I have to do and if I am still in pain after that, if my immune system is still weak, then you know what? At least I did everything I know to do. I can't ever think...well if I had done this or that I might have gotten better. That's my theory. I don't believe God gave me this. I believe I have something to learn from this. And I believe if I don't change my whole life around, then I cannot complain when I am suffering. There is no magic cure for this and doctor's are really no help. Things have to get better. They have to. I won't have it any other way. As a 26 year old I want to go out drinking every weekend, go to work and enroll in college, sleep very little, have coffee and chocolate everyday. And I can't-I have to pace myself and leave all those little things (except school because I will find a way to fit that in) behind. All those things I love, I cannot have. They make me feel so much worse. When I take care of myself I feel sooooo much better.

So I stopped looking for a treatment for fibro. I focus on anything that strengthens my immune system and try to do all the little things that keep me happy. Norman Cousins cured himself of a disease with laughter!

I know I going on and on but here are a few things to try if you haven't already....

-Eat organic most of the time if not all.

-Only read uplifting books and watch funny shows and movies. No drama or suspense.

-Take time for yourself. Take Epsom salt baths with lavender.

-Meditate a little everyday. I would look up meditation for beginners.

It is amazing the effect these seemingly little things can have on your life. Even if it feels selfish, you are sick right now and you need to do whatever it takes to feel good.

I hope something that I wrote helps. I really wish you the best and pray that things get better and better for you!!!!

[3 Cher



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