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Periods and Fibro--any suggestions for making it manageable?
14 Replies
m.e. - July 19

Hi, I finally made the connection that my fibro flairs during periods. I feel horrible (not like PMS stuff in my 20s and 30s) and someone at work actually asked if I was okay that's how bad I looked (normally we fibros are so good at hiding how bad we feel). Does anyone have any suggestions for symptom relief?? Thanks and I wish you a good day ahead. : )


Stacey373 - July 21

Hi m.e.!

I have horrible debilitating periods too. It gets so bad, I usually end up in bed for a couple of days each month because of it. I also deal with severe headaches and it's an absolute guarantee that I will get a headache during my period.

If you look at the "Associated Conditions" box on the left side of the screen and look under "Women's health" (I think that's what it's under!) Look up the symptoms of Dysmenerrhea.(sorry can't spell that word!) My doctor diagnosed me with it. One of the only treatments is to go on some sort of form of birth control. I've tried almost every BC out there and I'm just too sensitive to the hormones. The side effects were horrible!

My doctor had me buy Progesterone cream 1000mg. I found mine at our local pharmacy and it's over the counter and cost about $8.00. you rub a little on the insides of your elbows, behind your knees, on the thin skin of your body. My doctor told me to use it 12 days out of the month with the middle of those 12 days being my cycle.

I really don't know how well it works...I only used it a few days last month because I was already on my period when I got it. But I figure it's at least worth a shot!

Hope this helps you, Stacey :o)


m.e. - July 22

Thank you Stacie. This is very helpful information! I will try it. I was looking for something like this that would be a hormonal remedy. Thank you too for your post on the foot. Hope your feet are felling a little better. Rest is always an option, but physical activity is important for this too, so you can't win!! : )


mm30 - July 27

hi,i find my chest and ribs really flare up around this time and the pain is unreal and i can feel cists around my sturnum and chest. my problem is also that i have had my period for over three weeks now. this has never happened to me before and im on birth control so you would imagine it would control it. has anyone else ever had periods last this long. i have mine 26 days now. must admit pain in ribs has started to ease somewhat. stacey i get the headache too in one eye like its being gorged out ( bit dramatic i know) but gosh when it hits its blinding.


Stacey373 - July 28

Hi MM30! Being on birth control you should NOT be bleeding like that. You should definitely see your doctor for this. I have a friend who has this problem too and they will tell her to take motrin/ibuprofen to slow the bleeding down. I don't know why it works, but it will usually help her if she takes that.

I forgot to use the progesterone Cream this month like my doctor told me to. Just too much going on I guess! But I have to say I was initially having a hard period (bleeding A LOT) and I rubbed that cream on the back of my knees and on the inside of my elbows and I also took 2 motrin and the next day I was barely even spotting. I'm not supposed to take motrin because of a blood disorder I have...but I think it helped and didn't do the opposite that it should have with my disorder. I also am SO happy to say that I didn't get a headache this time! This is literally the first period I've had in YEARS that I didn't get a headache! I can't even believe it! I think I'm still waiting for that "ball to drop" because I wake up each morning expecting a headache and am so worried that it will happen. But so far it hasn't yet! YAY! lol

I honestly don't know if that progesterone cream worked, it could just be a coincidence. but I will use it again next month and keep my fingers crossed!

Take Care, Stacey :o)


mm30 - July 28

hi, yes i went to the dr about it and she told me to hang with it for now as this is my first month back on birth control. i stopped as i thought it wasnt helping my depressive moods but i was advised to go back on if taking meds etc. i will try the ibropfen. i have never heard of the progesterone cream but will certainly suss it out to see if i can get it over here.
thanks :)


Katzra - July 28

This may only be helpful to someone who wants to be on birth control long term. I have been on Depo Provera for years, I don't have periods so I don't have flairs. Depo Provera (medroxyprogesterone acetate) is a 3 month contraceptive injection.


mm30 - July 28

yes i toyed with getting depo injection.
i must keep an eye and track it as ive only been diagnosed but definitely noticed the pains in my chest and ribs worse around time of the month.
do you find it makes a big difference Katzra?


Katzra - July 29

I didn't have the bad fibro symptoms before I started depo, so I can't compare it. However, I do remember having severe hip and lower back pain with my periods when I had them. I really never want another period again...I am scared of how bad the pain would be after hearing about others' pain with fibro and thinking of how it was before my fibro became more prominent.


kvc33 - July 29

I take an herbal diuretic for the emotional symptoms (apparently water retention causes swelling in the brain and makes a person emotional). I take mefanamic acid (Ponstan) for cramps and it works very well.


Stacey373 - July 29

I tried the Depo shot years ago and it was awful. I started bleeding about 24 hours after getting it and didn't stop for 3 months! But don't let what happen to me discourage anyone from getting it. I have a lot of friends who get it and don't have another period again. (Gees, wouldn't that be nice? LOL)

For some unknown reason my body is overly sensitive to any type of birth control and/or hormones. I wish I could take BC and not have any more periods, but that's just not an option for me! That's one reason I thought I'd try the Progesterone cream. I decide how much goes into my body instead of some form of hormones constantly going in.

Stacey :o)


toots2889 - July 29

I to, use to suffer tremendously when i got my periods. I would get terrible back cramps,leg cramps, migraines, and my period started coming every couple of weeks. I would have a heavy flow and it would be very clotty. I went to see a gyn. and he recommended a hysterectomy. He said he could do it vaginally so i wouldnt need to be cut, and i only had my uterous removed. He removed a cyct off my ovary but that was it. It was the best move Ive ever made. I dont get that emotional anymore, no more periods, and no more cramps. I dont have the migraine for that anymore either. I love it. I couldnt go on BC, so this was the best option for me.


mm30 - July 30

well i have two days of no bleed so far thank heavens. please god i will be back on track again and maybe it was just my birth control kicking in. i do have cystitus like pains that i will need to have checked hopefully nothing major.
I have not had any children yet but my partner and i hope to a hand full some day god willing. so for now i think i will hold on to everything. please god fibro wont hold me back from the joys of motherhood i think that would finish me.
as ever i'm grateful for advice i know some of you suffer far far worse than i do.

take care today


Stacey373 - July 30

Hi! I actually think I was in the beginning of getting fibro when I got pregnant with my 3rd child. she was my 3rd c-section and it took me months to get over it. It was hard to deal with a baby and 2 other kids and always hurting and so tired all the time. There were days that I didn't think I could get out of bed and take care of them. But I honestly wouldn't change it for anything! I am so blessed to have 3 beautiful healthy children and if I could have more, I would. (even now dealing with the Fibro)

Any ways...(half asleep and rambling again! LOL) Don't worry about having kids and having can do it!

Take Care, Stacey :o)


mm30 - August 17

Hi everyone, just to update this post my cycle seems to have sorted itself out thank god. :D
i have been away for two weeks to a much hotter climate than what im used to here in ireland and i have to say i felt like a new woman.
i still got pains but nothing as severe.The heat of the sun seemed to help my aches and of course my moods really lifted. the sun was a tonic. trying to keep the spirits lifted after coming home. I suffer mostly with my mental health, big lows and anxiety etc.
Anyways im rambling a bit :)what i logged on today for was to see if anyone suffers from yeast infections? I got one about a week into the holiday and i treated with aloe vera but it has cleared. i was unsure if it was due to just change in cosmetics and douches and heat etc.




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