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People who "Understand"
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RavenFax - June 24

I am 41 and newly diagnosed, though not suprised when the rhuemy said it I was none the less devistated. I don't know what I was thinking could be the problem but this wasn't it. After reading a list of symptoms I cried "that's me!" I have been reluctant to tell some of my friends and family because they have treated me in the past like I was whining. I don't know maybe I was. Its been years that I have suffered some of the symptoms, however only in the last year has it become unbearable. My Rheumy has prescribed me Skelaxin and told me to come back in a month. pretty sure i don't need to tell you how that is going.

My husband has been very sympathic and "understanding" as have some of my friends but in the case of my husband being understanding and waiting for me to do house hold chores when I feel better are going to get my house condemned. I can't keep up with my 2 children anymore and it devistates me. My 11 yr old tries to help but she doesn't understand that its not my choice. I may have her read up on this site and it might help a bit. My friends just want to give me advice. clear out the clutter so you don't have so much to take care of. My favorite one is Pace yourself. then wonder why I don't walk the whole Zoo anymore. the 2 places I feel pain the most is my hands and feet. my feet are the worst. those hurt even on good days. on bad days you all know what hurts.

I am glad I found this site and thanks for letting me whine :) (jk)


axxie - June 27

Hey RavenFax, welcome to the site, now that you are acquainted with it.

Tell your doctor to change your medication to Cymbalta or Savalla, helps a lot more then what you are on.....

As for cleaning, most days I don't, lol and anyway the way I see it, if it's not moving, it's dead, and if it's dead and doesn't smell, let it be, but damn if my floors are sticky, then I wash.... I have more problems with the paperwork, and bills drives me batty....

Don't despair, on a good day, you will clean and hopefully only the essential, otherwise your body will protest......



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