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Pelvic Pain?
6 Replies
rrlisa - December 29

I have had pelvic pain for 8 years. I have suffered from what the Doctors were calling chronic sore muscles for about 3 years. I have changed doctors and am now being told that they think I have Fibromyalgia. They are confused by the abdominal pain though. I am wondering if anyone else has similar symptoms and what they have been told. The pain is a sharp, stabbing and often dibilitating pain. The severity comes and goes and some days and even weeks there is no pain. It is low and off to the sides near the hip bones. Intercourse is also very painful. They are talking about giving me a trigger point injection in my tailbone to block the pain. In the past 8 years I have had a laparoscopy and hysterectomy because they thought I might have endometriosis.

Any thoughts are appreciated.

Thank you.


JJ1 - December 29

Yes! I have had this too. I had horrible pains in the abdomen and sometimes would be bent over in pain. It usually helped to lay down curled up in a ball and put a heating pad on my stomache. I don't really have this so much anymore, it was mostly in the early stages just before and right after I was diagnosed. I saw my GYN about it and also had the laprascopy. They did find abdominal adhesions (my 3 kids were all c-sections and the adhesions were from scar tissue) and they lasered those away but the pains remained. I don't know why, but the pains have not happened in quite some time now, so I hope yours will just go away too.


kerrythecarebear - December 31

HI rrlisa, is your bladder affected when the pains start? Might just be an idea to keep an eye on it, when the pains or if the pains come back


rrlisa - January 2

There was one time when my bladder hurt. I went to the emergency room where they wanted a urine sample before the doctor would see me. I hurt so bad I couldn't even stand up. After 3 1/2 hours of trying th epain finally wnet back to a manageable level, I gave them their sample and they sent me home because the sample was clean and they didn't know what was wrong.


kerrythecarebear - January 3

Hi again rrlisa. The reason why i queried bladder problems, there is a condition you can get with fms called intersistial cystitis. There is a write up on here about it. When tests are done as in urine tsts etc, they always come back clear, as there is no bacterial infection there. Read the info on this website, it may help find some answers for you. I only know about this, as i have been suffering with this for the past 2 years, i have been continually fighting with my doctors to do the tests needed to confirm this diagnosis, but then i find the doctors here in england do not really believe there is such an illness as Fibromyalgia, so it has been a continual battle for years to get anyhelp etc that i have needed; I hope this may be of some help for you! best of luck


Lyle Anderson - January 4

I know EXACTLY what you mean!!! There are muscle spasms, you know---like charlie horses? I get mine in muscles a little closer to the surface but in the same general area. Mine are so sharp and severe that you can actually see the contractions on the surface of my belly (and off to the left). I had one at work once and other people could see the contractions, it was so severe. My doctor has given me Hyoscyamine to take during the attacks. You simply put it under the tongue. He also gave me belladonna to take on a more long term basis. The other thing it could be---f it's REALLY sharp, so sharp you want to die---is a condition diabetics get. Believe it or not, it's "only" gas, but it causes the intestines to spasm and go crazy. There's a nice little pill for that, too. But it does sound like you're getting the deep-tissue spasms---it feels like your muscles are ripping themselves apart. Ask your doc if it could be this and then get some belladonna (that's the generic name, I'm sure there's some fancy trade name for it.) Good luck!


caren - January 11

hi ive got pelvic pain went 4 a pelvic scan all claer ive got ibs ad it 4 15 yrs ave u been tested 4 this



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