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Pelvic Pain
16 Replies
JozetteS - March 17

I have had pelvic pain for almost three months now on and off. I went off the pill in Dec and it happened two weeks after. I have had ultrasounds, Ct scans pelvic and abdominal, colonoscopy and internal exams along with swabs checking the fluids in me and everything is normal. Does anyone or did anyone experience this issue? Sometimes it seems extreme and sometimes subtile. It is right under my pubic bone, on top of it and even on the sides of my groin. I do have peeing frequency but not always. I am about to go out of my mind wondering what the heck is going on. Any insight anyone? Thanks!


Adaire - March 18

Hi Jozette. I know how nervy and scary it is to wonder what the hell is going on with your body. I have also had pain there and in many different places over the years and after tests and many nights of worry it always ends up being the SAME thing..... Myofascial Pain! This is muscular pain that refers pain to just about anywhere in the body. I will paste a link that will explain pelvic pain. Based on the fact that all your tests are 100% normal I would say its probably exactly what is happening to you. Have a look below and I hope this helps, let me know ok?


Adaire - March 18


Fantod - March 20

Hi Jozette - You might try accupuncture to see if you get any relief from this pain. I have had severe pain in my back and hips. Accupuncture was very effective in treating my pain. When I finally got to the accupuncturist I was ready to rip my skin off. Two needles later it was all gone. It took a few weeks to get a lasting effect but was well worth the effort and money.


JozetteS - March 20

Hi Adaire and Fantod. Thanks for your replies. I can use all the advice I can get now. I moved from Dallas to Tampa in Nov and having a difficult time finding a compassionate Dr. I have an appt on Wed with a new one. This will be the 4th one since I got here but I picked a man this time. I used to think women were great because they knew the womans body but I have had no compassion whatsoever with a woman Dr. When all your tests are normal they seem to look at you like your crazy and claim their is nothing else they can do. I'll keep you posted.


JJ1 - March 20

hmm . ..I have had not noticed a difference in compassion or skill with male vs female docs. Found there are good and bad ones of both sexes. Right now, all my docs except for my gastroenterologist and dentist are female, but this is more of a coincidence rather than preference for female over male.


JozetteS - March 20

Ok JJ1 your right, probably is a coincidence and I am being a little harsh. But it is hard to start from fresh. I had great Dr's that knew me well in Dallas and picking a Dr out of a book is difficult when you don't have anyone referring a great Dr. I'll keep my hopes high and maybe I can have some luck on Wed.


Adaire - March 20

Jozette: did you look at the link I left for you about myofascial pelvic pain? Most Dr's will not even know/consider this, except maybe a really good specialist. I do speak from experience here.... they could keep testing you forever and not find anything if the pain is muscular. I hope you take a look at the link. I wish someone had given me that info when I was going through it.


Fantod - March 20

Hi Jozette - I just got back from a doctors visit. In the March 2007 Family Circle Magazine there is an article about pelvic pain. Researchers at John Hopkins University in Baltimore found that 83% of women with varicose veins leading to the ovaries experienced chronic pelvic pain. The solution is an "embolotherapy" which involves blocking off the veins during minimally invasive surgery. At least 50% of women experienced a drop in pain after being treated. Another option to explore. Good luck with your new Dr. tomorrow.


JozetteS - March 21

Hi Adaire, I did read your article about the myofascial pelvic pain and I do think this could be a diagnosis but I did need a new Dr anyhow. I saw him today and I think he is going to work out. He wants me to do blood work first. Since I was on the pill for 11 years, had my son and then another 3 years on the pill he wants to rule out hormone/estrogen problems. I went off the pill and then got this pain issue 2 weeks later. If that is normal he said it could be interstitial cystitis. He said he didn't think it was muscular. I do agree to check my blood and then go from there. I have ruled out all the major bad things with all my scans. I have my follow up on 4/2/07. I will keep you guys posted. Adaire I am not ruling out myofascial pain but I want this blood work done first. Fantod, thanks for the recommendation but I don't think it is the varicose vein problem around my ovaries because I have had extensive scans to look for stuff like that. But thanks anyway! If anyone else has similar issues I would love to hear your opinions too.


Adaire - March 22

Hi again Jozette. That's awesome that you have found a doctor who is being thorough! Good luck with the blood tests and the like. I only mentioned the myofascial stuff because its so common with fibro, and that's also what it usually turns out to be when all tests come back clean. Hope you find your answers soon. Take good care.


Jean Taylor - March 23

I wish we could do a survey of all of our combined pains. My "eighteen" points spread 6 -12 inches from THE point. I also have terrible hand and foot/gereral burning. Host of other things acutally! None related "supposedly" to Fibro or anything else they can find! I just think they are too conservative with the eighteen point diagnosis - but MOST OF ALL - I wish they would work on a cure instead of just a pain reliever!!!! BTW, I have "shootin pains" "down there ;)" and it is always when the rest of my body is totally flaring. Coinkedink?? I think not!!


Jean Taylor - March 24

Jozette, Read an article this morning and remembered your post from last week. It describes pelvic pain as part of FMS symptomology. Here's the link:


Iinda - March 27

I have had pelvic pain too. it's good that you are having it well looked into. Mine also turned out to be muscular. I was convinced something else was really wrong but that referred pain thing can be very deceiving. let us know how it goes and best of luck to you Jozette.


Iinda - March 27

I also meant to say that the trigger point site mentioned above is very helpful in describing referral pain. Pelvic pain is apparently one of the most misdiagnosed muscular symptoms in women. hope this helps.


JozetteS - March 30

Ok, well I had my appt today, they moved my appt up because of a cancelation. All my bloodwork was normal and so was my urinalysis. I am starting to feel better but the pain did go and come back before. He said it might be muscular but when I told hom that sex was painful sometimes, he said that threw him off. I have read that muscular pain down there does relate to painful sex. Anyway, good to know my bloodwork was good. I am seeing a new gynocololgist on April 26th for a consultation regarding my issue. Everything seems to have been ruled out, except interstial cystitis but I doubt it. I want to try for a baby so I am going to just assume to go for it. I guess I'll never go without an ailment so no use in waiting to feel good. Feeling good is hard to come by with Fibro. I am on no meds so things are as good as they are going to get. Thanks for everyones support and I will be keeping you posted.


larry - March 31

JozetteS- I experienced this also. I ended up in an emergency room because of the pain. This also happened within a month of stopping the pill. My Gyno said that this is not unusual because of the hormone changes. He said that I had cysts that had burst. This was 5 years ago. I am absolutely fine today.



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