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Pelvic pain
3 Replies
hellou - March 8

Hello all.I seem to be asking a lot of questions but am sure you will all appreciate that like most of you I have what feels like 100 different symptoms that all cause me a great deal of worry under the big umbrella of FMS! Have any other women out there experienced severe pelvic pain linked to their menstrual cycle?? For eight years now I have had pain from day 15-day 26 of my cycle every month.It is an awful pain on the left hand side of my pelvis that radiates into my back and leg. It comes and goes all day and night and can last from minutes to hours. No painkiller on earth will stop the pain. As soon as my period is due to start it disappears and I don't have any pain whilst bleeding or the week after.Then the whole thing starts up again on day15.I have had a laparoscopy and nothing found in terms of gynae problems (except for a tiny fibroid which my Gynaecologist says could not be the cause of the pain).Has anyone else had this experience?? Is it FMS related??


tnichel - March 12

Hi hellou. I first went to an ob/gyn about the severe abdominal pain I was experiencing. (before my fibro diagnosis) I too have a small fibroid. What's working for me is taking yaz, the birth control pill. My Doc also told me to start taking aspirin or tylenol every 4hrs 2-3 days before my cycle started. That has worked out pretty well for me. My rheumy also thinks monthly cycles can make the pain worse. and that's when I feel with worse with heightened pain all over. Since I don't track my cycle (bad, i know) it usually catches me off guard and I think I'm coming down with the flu until my cycle starts. I hope this will help. You may also wan to stay away from caffeine since it can heighten symptoms. I think I get two good weeks out of the months but that's a lot better than 1 week a month, which is how it used to be.


jana - March 13

hi girls...
i m kind of new to this forum and have not yet been diagnosed with fibro oficially, but am approaching it (i have the symtpoms and almost everything else has been rouled out by now)...anyway, i too was wondering about this pelvic hurts me on both sides of my central pelvic bone (i m not sure if i using the right words), also upon a also hurts in my groins, sometimes more on one side, than another...i think i have noticed it is getting worse during the ovulation period and certainly prior to the cycle start...i did not share this with my gyn yet, but i m seeing him tomorrow and will do that, just to ensure it is not something else...i just wanted to let u know that u r not alone with this problem:)


summer1 - March 19

Yes hun,i have and it was in my left side to and i still get it now.



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