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Peace Not War Love Not Hate.>>>Lets Fight Fibromyalgia
3 Replies
Debra4Real - January 23

Happy New Year to all of you...Lets start all over again..Lets all come together to make this a place of peace not fear...Lets come together to try to help one another with this never ending battle called PAIN..Lets try to forgive and forget the bad times out hear,because you all know what i was put through on this forum.But ,i have forgiven and i hold a special place in my heart for each and every one of you...Its hard enough what we have to face everyday with our illness..So once again lets come together to help,not judge....Who cares who's who...It will not make a difference if we use all the energy and time that we have to play detective...And for What????....The point is just stop fighting and wasting your time...We all have a right to speak....So please dont take that right away from anyone....Please ,if you have a heart then show it...We all have another side to us ITS CALLED PAIN and it can make you say and do things that you never thought were possible....Remember to forgive and if you do, this place will be a happy one ,once again.....Open your heart and remember that we are all human.....Thank You so much...Wishing you all the Happiness,Love and Most importantly GOOD HEALTH.......Love Always Debra


tcmby - January 23

Debra... you are so right. we all want peace. many people were hurt... i'm sure that they would love to put all the lies & bad times behind us.... if 'others' would STOP bringing it up over & over again! this is a FIBROMYALGIA FORUM..... lets use it as such.... for the sake of everyone's health & sanity. happy new year to you too :)


Debra4Real - January 23

Hello::tcmby Thank you for your reply..Yes i agree with you 100%...Your'e bang on....All the best of health and happiness to you in the new year as well....I hope that this forum will be of help to you in a possitive way..LOL..Debra


BRENDA - January 23

Thank you Debra! You are so right & I know you are speaking from experence! This is a FMS forum & that is what we all should be talking about! By the way how is your health? It has been a while since we have heard from you.



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