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Part-time typing job? Any job??
5 Replies
luvzminis - November 17

I am looking for a part-time typing job I can do at home. I graduated recently from a Medical Transcription course and did fairly well. However, I need to work VERY flexible hours, and it's hard to find anything part-time with MT work right now, much less with flexibility options.
I honestly wouldn't mind typing part-time for something like a ('clean') book publishing oompany, typing cookbooks, or similar. Do these jobs exist? It seems all I can find are the cheapy keying jobs online which are hit and miss and also aren't hiring(!) and with my health, I need to work from home.

I've gone through rehab employment opportunities and was rejected by a VERY cold,rude person who said I didn't qualify because "you don't have a cane." (Guess I should have brought one that day, but it wasn't one of my worst days.)

Frankly, I'm losing hope on finding a job at home, except for the things I CAN do, such as crafting and writing. My husband is supportive but has way too much confidence in my health--means well, but doesn't know how much this affects my body. There are times I can't even think clearly due to my conditions.

I can't do licensed daycare since one of my sons got in trouble and we were dragged to court and through the mud by a group of lying social workers and their agency--until we were able to "nail" them with the help of documentation of their deceit and with the help of a great lawyer. (These would be the same people doing the licensing--no thanks!)

My husband says to let him know if I don't find something so he can get a p/t job besides his work and I DON'T want that as he works hard already and has a heart condition. This scares me to death, but I don't know what to do!

I feel like I'm between a rock and a hard place and don't know where to turn! I'm praying something will work out. Any ideas?


axxie - November 18

Dear girl, I wish you could find something, but I'm out of ideas also. Maybe you can work part-time where you are only called in at last resort.

As for that women who was rude and cold, you should have told her to go jump into a lake and see how well she'd do after that. A cane, I guess she needs someone who is also blind? Like hello, many people who have a disability doesn't mean we do not have qualification, and feelings.


solanadelfina - November 18

Why not try freelance writing at home? There are honest opportunities to make some money amongst the scams. I've even found some websites that are run by writers specifically to help newbies, and they'll even investigate sites and give reports or recommend sites to try. (It's been something I've been considering myself.)

We have a book at work written specifically for women who want to work at home- I wish I could remember the title! There are suggestions for starting a business, or buying one, or things like that. I've seen writing jobs that do allow telecommuting on craigslist here and there, and I've also seen sites that help people with disabilities like us find jobs.

Don't give up!


luvzminis - November 19

Thanks to both of you!
You've given me hope, and I intend to press on til something falls into place.
Funny you should mention freelance writing at home--I just recently started looking into it, and it may be just what I need.
God bless both of you!


Fantod - November 19

Some companies that have call centers will allow people to work from home. I'd take a look at some of the online job sites like Monster to see if they may have something that would work for you. Take care.


luvzminis - November 20

Great idea--thanks!



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