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part of or not ?
7 Replies
dalejr62 - November 20

I get like little pin sized bumps on the palms of my hands. I can get a needle and scratch of the top and peel them off. It doen't hurt to remove them but it's just weird could they be tiny cyst (not sure how to spell that?) Does anyone else get these? It's like little stickers or something.


dalejr62 - November 20

Does anyone have this?


JJ1 - November 20

No, I have never had anything like this or even heard of anything like it. Was is the skin like underneath when you peel them off? could it just be dead skin? If it keeps up, mention it to your doctor or maybe you should see a dermatologist.


Gabbie - November 21

Hi dalejr62. If you type in "skin complaints" in the search bar to the left of this forum it will bring you to the google of them brings you back to this forum. That section talks about the skin and guess what.....fibro can cause "raised bumps on the skin which can be scaly to the touch". Does that sound like what you have?


JJ1 - November 21

Many times when I do an internet search for something related to fibro it brings me back to the information on this website. I forget to look here first, but it really does have a lot of great information on symptoms, etc.


tnichel - November 21

Yes, this happens to me sometimes. I also get pin sized open bumps, I guess that would be how you describe them. They are typically red, itch and take forever to heal. I'll have to ask the doc about this.


dalejr62 - November 21

I checked the sight to the left and found no answers.tnichel mine are not open its almost like tiny bumps of skin underneath. when I go to the rhuemie I will ask them and let yall know. Thanks to those who answered me.


JoniB - November 22

Hey Gabbie, thanks for pointing out that search bar to the left. I hadn't really noticed it b4. There is quite a bit more info there on many of the subjects! Joni



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