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Paranoia without Medication
4 Replies
tonyab1838 - August 24

I have been diag. with Fibromyalgia and I was on Neurotin and Gabitril and associated the Paranoia with those medicines. Gabitril was my last medicine for neurological and I have been off of that for 6 weeks. I am still having paranoia and I was wanting to see if anyone else is having this problem? I do take flexeril and Darvacet for the pain but that is it. If anyone has any answers please let me know. Thank you.


Andrea - August 23

I'm just now learning about this disorder, but from what I've read so far, Anxiety as well as major depression can sometimes be a bi-symptom of this disorder. You might want to consider some sort of anti-depressant and/or anti-anxiety medication. (*Of course, you need to speak w/ your Doctor about this.) I do hope you feel better soon. I suffer with Major Depression and Anxiety. I got so bad once that I didn't leave my home for almost two years except when I just HAD too. It is an awful thing to suffer. I cry just thinking about it....... Be blessed and be well.....


Neurotin Experiencer - August 23

I just wanted to say - MAKE SURE YOUR KNOW YOUR MEDICATIONS. My doc perscribed Neurotin for me as well and before long my legs were hurting so bad I could do nothing but cry and cry. When I tried to tell him of my "side effect", he quickly dismissed the possiblity that my pain could be coming from this drug because it is used to treat "restless leg syndrom" as well as other things....So, I ended up doing research on the medication MYSELF and learned that leg pain can be a serious side effect in SOME, if YOU feel something is wrong, trust your gut! Doctors don't know everything!!!


Andrea - August 23

Tonytab.... I meant to let you know that paranoia can come along with anxiety. That's why I didn't leave the house for so long a time and I still have paranoid episodes. (About the Neurotin, yes, I agree. There are many medications that have these type side affects, but because of the low number of those that actually experienced them in the clinical studies for FDA, most Doctors are not familiar unless they take the time to consult UPDATED PDR's or online pharmacy info.)


Beth - August 24

Yes, I don't take any meds and have a lot of anxiety and paranoia at times. I usually think there is some other illness going on when I have new symptoms, or sometimes I just lie in bed afraid that I or my husband won't wake up in the morning. I'm also getting increasingly fearful of driving, which is horrible because I have 2 small children and really need to drive! I think sometimes the anxiety and paranoia are the worst part of FMS for me.
I am fairly anti-medication (for myself, that is. Everyone must do what is best for them!, so I don't want to take anti-anxiety drugs, so I try my best to combat it with things like yoga, breathing exercises, and just getting out and doing fun stuff. :) Sounds silly, but it does help get your mind off your insides. Mind over matter won't cure this, but it does help. Good luck to you!



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