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Paralysis Type Sleep???
9 Replies
shinny - December 28

I don't really know how to explain this, but I'll try my best. Sometimes when I am asleep I become aware that I am awake, but am unable to open my eyes. I also feel that I am still partially asleep as I experience feelings of awareness of my whole body. If I dream that someone is hugging me, then I feel that very strongly, similarly if I am dreaming someone is poking me (like a finger in my side) it hurts like hell !! I have to force myself to wake up. So it's like I have to jump up out of my sleep. All this while I KNOW that I am asleep.

Does anyone else experience this or am I just mad ?!!!


shinny - December 28

I also meant to say that I often feel like someone is in the room with me, even when I know I am on my own. I know, mad !!!


JJ1 - December 28

Do you take any medication to help you sleep?


bella007 - December 28

Hi shinny, I know exactly what you mean, I have had this happen to me for years and thougth I was crazy, this happens only if I go for a nap in the afternoon, I feel and hear someone standing by the couch or bed and I cannot wake up or scream, total paralasis. I googled SLEEP PARALASIS and there are a number of links that explain exactly what this is ,you are not alone! hope this helps.


shinny - December 29

Hi JJI, no I never take anything to help me sleep. I actually have no problems there.

Bella007, thanks. I took your advice & looked up some google links. Amazing, it's exactly as I described. Glad to know I am not alone !! I'm intrigued by it now !! I get the feeling of someone in the room, but I only occasionally feel like they are going to harm me. Sometimes, "they" try to pull the covers over my head !! Other times, "they" poke me in the ribs ! But quite often they do nothing & the feeling is so lovely that it's hard to want to come out of it !

I've noticed this used to happen to me more frequently when I was younger, overtired or had drank alcohol (tired & alcohol generally tended to happen together when I was younger !!) doesn't happen as much now that I am a little older (32)


JJ1 - December 29

I was just wondering because I take elavil and go into a very deep sleep where it is difficult for people to wake me up at times and when I am woken up I sort of jump, all startled. My kids are afraid to wake me up when sleeping because it scares them, lol. But fortunately I haven't had the weird paralysis sleep like you guys have. Is this another strange FMS symptom?


AmberRose - December 30

i had a dream like that and i was trying to scream for my husband becuase it felt like someone was in the room with us and then i felt someone grab my legs and i was able to move agian and i shot up screaming.very frightning but ive only had one dream like that and i hope never agian to have another. I told some co-workers and they told me it was called old hag? dream or something with hag in it...same thing as sleep paralysis but the name goes back to before people had a scientific term for it i guess. I think its possible that stress can bring it on...


Jeannie3 - December 30

I am so surprised and glad to read this.
Years back when I first was in my early stages of fibro I had sleeps where for sure there were persons at the end of the bed or felt a real warm hug as if someone was at the edge of the bed. It was so uncanny and scary. I don't get the presence anymore but some of my dreams are very realistic. Thank god its the 'hag' and not me mind.


colleen steele - January 9

Hi Shinny, I too have dreams like this. I have had only about 3 like this over the years but once is enough. I have nightmares almost every night but these scared the living crap out of me. In mine I knew I went to sleep alone but awoke [ or so I think ] to a feeling like spooning with someone and they were holding me down.The harder I tried to move the tighter the arm would get,and it would not let me turn and look at it. I was so so scared .I had the feeling it ment me harm. To this day I still don't know if I was really awake or not but everything in the room was exactly the same and I think when you have a regular night mare something is usually different ya know what I mean ? I guess I really was asleep cause I jerked upright and I was crying and nothing was there. Everything looked normal. I turned on all the lights and stayed up the rest of the night scared out of wits. I hope I never get another one of those. I too looked it up on the net and found it is quite common so no you are not going mad. Colleen


shellthom - January 12

shinny - have you ever gone to a sleep clinic? What you're describing sounds a lot like something I was tested for, and don't be afraid - it's Narcolepsy. Sleep Paralysis is very common, as are the very, very real dreams. This site is the site of the clinic I went to (thankfully I am not Narcoleptic, but have other sleep-realted issues - very common w/ Fibro)
I hope you can figure this out - I know it is scary! I have sleep apnea wich means I stop breathing for more than 10 seconds over 13 times an hour.



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