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Panic Attact
3 Replies
limo - September 22

Hi every one i am a 24 years old woman who have soffer of fibro for 4 years now.Am very sick of its and i don't no what to do anymore,should i do more exercise or should i sleep more i don't no.I alwas feel bad plus now im doing condroitiis and am doing some panick attact and this is very scary.Please lets me now if it's never appends to you.
Thanks very much.


JoniB - September 30

My Dr. says if I am tired, sleep. Don't feel guilty about it. Naps are under rated. Try to work in some exercise, even if it is a walk , swimming or stretching. Be careful not to over do it though! Anxiety and panic attacks can happen with fibro. There are medications to help with this, ask your Dr.


doll1966 - October 3

I'm a stay at home mom. My kids are in school full time, but I get up in the morning, feeling exhausted of course, get them to school, do my chores, and never take a nap. I would feel too guilty. I used to walk 5 miles a day 3 years ago, lost 40 lbs. and felt good. I try to stay busy all day, to distract myself from the pain. I keep telling myself that I should start walking again(put the 40 lbs back on over the past year), but I just can't get myself to do it. As for panic attacks, I wound up in the hospital 5 years ago, thinking I was having a heart attack. All I was told was to stay away from caffeine, but that's the only thing that keeps me functioning. 1 1/2 years ago, I started having really bad anxiety and extreme mood swings, dr thought I was starting menopause, but all hormone tests were normal. Went to a psychiatrist and was put on lexapro for depression, and clonipan for anxiety, which I only take at night to help me sleep. I still have days of very bad depression, and I found from reading all the posts, that it's a common thing with fibro. Please tell your dr about the anxiety, it is a very disabling feeling, and the pain makes it even worse. Hope you feel better.


limo - November 6

Thank every one for your ansert.I went to my doctor and he give me somme medication for enxiety i'll give you somme new's about it's bye bye



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