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Pam.. thank you
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Lisa - February 25

Hi Pam, I just wanted to say thank you for the kind and informative response to my post. I am so sorry to hear you were in bad shape for awhile there, I'm sure that was not a good time for you. I also admire that you are a nurse, and are able to work again. I am 29, and still hoping one of these days I will be able to be a nurse as well. I have had so many struggles with my health and depression/anxiety since I first started college a long time ago, that it took me forever just to graduate with a Bachelor's degree.. But I did it, and have been slowly trying to get the extra credits I need to possibly get into Nursing.

About the problems I've experienced, I agree with your suggestions about eliminating the toxins as much as possible from diet and environment, and I actually am very (usually) good about that more than most people I know. I try to use natural shampoos/conditioners as often as I can, without it drying my hair out too much, and I even use all natural deodorant, skin creams, lotions, and chapstick on a daily basis. I've done that for a few years now, because I really believe that there are too many harmful chemicals being sold to the public. At the same time, I also do think that there are some things I still need to eliminate, but I have always very much felt that the more natural things are, the better. As of just the last few days, I have actually eliminated more sugar/yeast type of things from my diet because of a stomach virus that I had (I just found out today when I went to work that 2 other people went home sick, so it was nice to find out it wasn't just my health taking a turn for the worse like I had feared lately). Anyway, I was mainly eating yogurt/fruit/granola, chicken, some cooked vegetables, and drinking tea, because those were the only things that I felt like I could handle. Interestingly, after a few days of that, this afternoon was the first time in a while now that I realized my stomach (FINALLY) was not swollen the size it usually is. There are of course many other symptoms I would very much like to get rid of, but I am really wondering if that symptom alone (the stomach swelling) is strongly linked to diet. I'm guessing yes on that one!

Well I just had to say thank you again Pam for your input, it was really nice to read, and it honestly helped me tremendously to feel better for the time-being.

Take care for now, and best wishes to you for your improved health to continue for a long time to come. :-)




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