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Fantod - December 2

Hi Pam - Just checking to see how you are today. How did your appointment with the rheumotologist go yesterday? I hope that today is a good day for you.


pam80 - December 3

Hi everyone. Fantod- thanks for being so kind and checking in on me. That makes me feel really good. I'm sorry that I've been out of touch but I've been real emotional the past few days and haven't felt much like being on the computer.

I did go to the rheumatologist yesterday but it did not go that well. I was there for 3 hours-it was stressful! I met with a nurse practicioner first who did the exam, asked me about my history-meds I've tried, how often I hurt, where on my body, etc. Then I went in for X-rays of my back and neck- they were pretty normal considering I had neck surgery in april (good thing). Finally I saw the dr. He looked at my x-rays and my chart (saw I have depression and see a psychiatrist) and said that I should talk to my psch dr about going on another antidepressant if I don't like the cymbalta. (I told him that I'm not sure if it's helping). I asked him about savella and he said b/c it's a newer drug that he doesn't use it much. Then I asked him about pain meds and/or the flector patch and he said no to both of those. All he gave me was a script for edotlac-an anti-inflammatory and that was it. OH- they also took 7 vials of blood for I'm not sure what. So after I left the dr office I was close to tears. I want 1 or 2 drs to manage my care-or at least my meds. I feel like I go to all of these drs but none of them are helping that much. I don't feel in control of my situation. I also asked the nurse if it can get better and she said it can with proper care. Well, I didn't receive proper care yesterday so I guess I'm going to look for a new rheumy. Unreal! I cried my eyes out when I got home last yesterday and my parents just don't know what to do anymore. Today was a little better emotionally b/c I think I may have found a new dr-a recommendation from a friend of a friend so I have some hope. I've noticed my face has been aching more than usual. I have some tmj issues, I wonder if it's the cold weather.

Thanks Stacey and Fantod for your kind words and helpfulness in my last post. I apologize for not responding. You guys have been a big help-Everyone has, thank you so much!

I'm still learning when my body is in "flare mode" or "normal mode." Is "normal" to have your whole body hurt all at once, to feel weak and have a bad headache or is that a flare? Ugh. I haven't slept well the past 2 nights and am stressed, so please tell me it's a flare? How can us fibro people stop our bodies from getting kicked out of level 4 sleep? I guess that's what meds like amiyryptiline are for-i take 100 mgs. (Fantod-you had mentioned that). I take melatonin too sometimes. Last night I kept waking up b/c I couldn't breathe. It was like I couldn't get a deep breath. Ugh-how annoying!

How is everyone else doing? Any good days? ;) I hope so!

Off to bed- I need sleep!



Fantod - December 3

Hi Pam - I was really sorry to learn that the rheumotologist you saw was not helpful. We've all had plenty of experiences like that.

He drew blood to check a number of things: liver and kidney function, probably your vitamin D level, SED rate (for arthitis), and thyroid. These are all routine. I have blood drawn everytime I am at the rheumotologists office whether I feel like it or not.

To find a fibro-friendly rheumy in your area go online to the National Fibromyalgia Association website. You'll be able to see a listing for your state.

When you do go and see someone else, get copies of the bloodwork you had done on Wednesday. It will save time and money. And, the xrays would also be helpful to have with you.

Right now, I would say that you are in a flare. Nothing is regulated; your emotions or meds. Once things settle down (and they will) your pain level should become more managable. It is likely that you will always have some level of pain. After a while, it seems that FMS patients become hardened to it and the pain becomes less intrusive. Right now, I would work on your new book which requires journaling and anything else you can think of to take your mind off of it. I realize that is a tall order. But, I find if I keep myself entertained with genealogy or something else, I tend not to feel quite so bad. The more you dwell on pain, the worse it becomes.
By the way, have you gotten some Curamin yet?

There is really no effective way to keep your sleep from being interrupted even with meds. I make sure I take my Calms Forte and Melatonin every night and hope for the best. Some nights are better than others. I'm just grateful for any rest that I am able to get.

I hope that you are having a better day. Take care and get some rest over the weekend.


pam80 - December 4

Hello. I guess I am in a flare. I have been fighting with my mom like crazy. She is so hard to deal with-she says that she doesnt want to hear me complain about my pain anymore and is sick of me being sick. She gives me no support-last night we got into about me going to different rheumatologist. She thinks I should stick with the one that I just went to. I am 30 years old-and yes, I live at home... but that doesnt meant that my mother can rule my life.

I'm having a lot of new symptoms that are starting to concern me. I'm going to create a new post I think. I'm not sure if anyone else is reading this besides you- Fantod. Although you are one of the people who give the best advice on this forum.

I am still reading my book and have started journaling a little bit. I guess according to Nancy Selfridge, people who have FM have a lot of anger and rage in their unconscious self. I know that I have a lot of crap that I need to LET GO OF... I still think about why past relationships failed, or why friendships have dissolved in my life. I have a lot of repressed emotions and feelings. It hurts to think about all of it though- so instead of dealing with it-confronting the emotions, I stuff it back in and my body then suffers from the stifled emotions.

I have not bought Curamin yet- I plan to go to a health store in the next couple of days or order it online.

I also have to think about my living situation. I might go stay with my Grandma because there is so much negative energy between my mom and me that I feel like fuels a lot of my pain.

Well, I am going to create a new post because I am having a lot of new symptoms. I feel like I'm in a deep fog and whenever I go anywhere I feel like everyone is looking at me and I am SO nervous. I guess it could be anxiety but it's a very uncomfortable feeling-UGH!

Thanks Fantod for your feedback. (and everyone else). :)



Fantod - December 4

Hi Pam - I'm sorry you and your mother are having so many problems. You are right about seeing another rheumotologist. Your mother should respect your wishes as you are, afterall, an adult.

Negative people can really add fuel to the fire when it comes to pain and FMS. Once I got away from my ex I felt a lot better. Going to stay with Grandma might not be such a bad idea. A change of scenery may do all of you some good and defuse the situation. That way, maybe you can all enjoy each other's company for Christmas.

Keep working on that journaling. I think it may really help you. You are pretty brave to even try it.

I've responded to your new post already. Keep the faith girl - things will work out.



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