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Painful shoulder & Hips
5 Replies
Nola - August 16

I have for quite sometime now had a painful shoulder. It feels more like joint pain rather than muscle.Sleeping is hell.I cannot turn over because I feel like my shoulder has frozen.During the day I have normal movement (although when I test it hurts the muscles in my upper arm) I cannot pinpoint the source of pain. I wonder if this is part of the Fibro or if I have Osteoarthritis in the shoulder? I also find I have significant pain in both hips upon waking. It is so hard to know what is fibro or something else.


solanadelfina - August 17

Hi, Nola. Have you had X-rays or anything on the shoulder?

It's possible that a chiropractor might help loosen things up. I usually wake up with pain and stiffness, and stretching the muscles and moving around a bit helps get things going. A hot shower in the morning might help, too. Just be sure to take it easy and stretch to release, not to the point of more pain.


Nola - August 17

Hi solanadelfina,
No - I havent had xrays as yet. Was seeing an Osteopath which gave relief whilst she was working on the area, but relief did not last.
I guess I will have to request xrays.
More expense!


Fantod - August 18

Hello Nola - My guess would be that you have bursitis in your shoulder and hips. I have osteoarthitis and assumed that was the problem when I saw a shoulder specialist. Bursitis is very common in people with Fibromyalgia (FMS).

You should see someone about this as soon as possible and determine if it is bursitis. It needs to be treated if my suspicion is correct. Bursitis can be very persistent once it gets started. I should know; inspite of physical therapy and deep heat treatment mine persists. Its been two painful years with both hips and shoulders limiting my range of motion. One thing that does help is fresh pineapple. I eat it as often as possible to keep things down to a dull roar. It has an enzyme that helps break up bursitis. Also you should avoid deep fried foods as that will set it off too. Good luck and take care.


Nola - August 18

Hi Fantod - Thanks for the pineapple tip...will buy one tonite and give it a try.
Funny you should mention Bursitis - when I saw the Osteopath, she also mentioned bursitis. Planned on mentioning it to my GP when I saw her today, but by the time we went thru other things I had already gone well overtime.I have to see her again later in the week, so hopefully I can mention then.Between the Rheumatologist, Psychologist & my GP (regular Dr)I am finding it difficult to remembrr what to mention to whom...I know ---- write it down, but I have to remember to TAKE my notes with mind is mush!


srpierce - August 18

Can't give you any answers about the shoulder pain. I experience hip, ankle, shoulder, and knee pain, too. And, I have these horrid cramps/spasms in my ribs if I turn, cough, laugh, sneeze, or just look up in a different direction than usual! They are awful and make me feel as if I can't breathe or move. I wonder if this is fibromyalgia?



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