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Painful Hands
17 Replies
Jm - July 13

Does anyone else have this? I have terrible pain in my hands like arthritis. I was wondering if anyone else with fibromyalgia has this kind of pain in your hands and fingers?


Beverly - April 23

Iget pain and numbness in my right fingers it come and goes. This Fibro keeps you guessing where it will hit next.

God Bless


Jean - April 23

Fibromyalgia can take over your body you have to keep fighting it and stay positive and it is hard.


Pam - May 2

Jm: Yes. I cannot even stand to hold ice cubes in my hand for a long period of time and it did not use to bother me. My FMS started out in my hands, legs & Feet about 9 yrs. ago. Soaking in Epsom Salt & rubbing your hands down with Aspercreme and using one of those rice bags in the microwave (They are called Bed Buddy at Walmart for about $10) really helps. Also, take a magnesium supplement. Praying for you!


Carmen Cartwright - June 19

Yes, my 14 yr old does.


Chris - June 19

HI JM Yes, See my post, Sore hands. Some days it's really bad. It can be pretty nasty, so far I haven't found anything that works for it. But I haven't given up. Yours in Health, Chris


sue - June 27

yes my hands ache all the time and are swollen a lot. Putting them under hot water sometimes helps at least for a little while.


donna - June 27

I'm 45 & have arthritis in my hands. You may want a dr. to diagnose this, it's easy to tell from the swelling around the joints & my dr. says the joints are 'spongy' feeling - I take Advil 4 times a day to try & help


chris - July 4

Yes, i have very painful husband is always asking why they are closed in a relaxed fist. they feel better that way for one. it,s so hard to peel a potato or apple. i try massaging them but they really hurt.


Jessie - July 4

I have pain and stiffness in my hands; sometimes it's so bad I can barely hold a pen. I'm taking magnesium and malic acid together. I've been reading that they work well together for fibro. You may want to give it a try. Good luck!


Rene - July 5

Yes all the joints in my fingers hurt especially in the a.m. when I wake up. Radiating from the shoulder joints, elbows to the fingers.


ashley - July 6

people with fibryamyalgia are 55% more likely to develope carpal tunnel syndrome. try having your doctor conduct a nerve test. if it is carpal tunnel, they'll put you through physical therapy and what not. the last resort is surgery, my advise would to be to stay away from it. i've not been able to heal from it and i think its due to the fms. if you work on computers for a living, i would try and file under workmens comp vs. your normal insurance.


Shelley - July 11

My hands hurt. And I also have Carpal Tunnel.


chris2 - July 11

Hi again JM, I have just been tested for carpal tunnel, and was told although I have it I shouldn't be having the pain that I do in my hands. I'm going to get tested for a type of Spondylosis. I do have a lot of problems with C5,C6,C7 in my neck.


D9 - July 12

Do you have any swelling??
I have stiffness/pain/weakness at times.
Sometimes shooting- almost drop things.


Chris2 - July 13

Although my hands feel swollen, I don't believe they actually are. I justs made my next doctors appointment yesterday, now I have to wait until August 9th, just to get an appointment made with the Neurologist. Hope you all have better luck.


julie - July 13

i sometimes feel as though my fingers are swelling up even though they appear normal. the hot weather also affects mine more.



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