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Painful ARMS !
6 Replies
michelle J - July 5

my arms have had alot of pain in them and but they have gotten so much worse. has anyone had the feeling of being pinched right in the elbow and wrists falling asleep,sharp shooting pains and your arms cold to the touch.My arms get cold from the elbows to my finger tips.


a_pough - July 8

Hello Michelle,
I too have a horrible time with my Arms and Fingers. My Arms are always numb and cold as well. I have very bad tendonitis in my fingers. I went to the Neurologist and he performed a nerve conduction study and an emg. They both proved that I did not have any dysfunction in my nerve or muscles. My Grandmother also has Fibro and she suffers the same pain in her arm as well. I hope that you fell better soon. Are you taking any medication?


Cassiel - July 8


I have a bad time with my arms, shoulders, elbows. I also have RA but I feel like nerves in my elbows are pinched and I'm constantly stretching my arms all different ways to get
relief. I recently started using limes in my water
to help and it seems to have some anti-inflammatory effects. I can hardly do any arm
weights at the gym w/out being in excrutiating pain for several days after.
Try stretching, have a chiro adjust your elbows and try some lime in your water. Drink lots of water.


michelle J - July 10

a-pough yes they have started me on lyrica 200 mg and now two vicodien 500mg , i find that they both help very little , still have pain sharp pain on and off . my arms can not handle gripping and pulling or picking up objects I feel like I will drop what ever I grab.Hope both of you find some relief.


JOEGIRL - July 10

Michelle, I have the same problem with my arms and hands. My dr says my neck pain is going down into my arms, shoulders etc so I know how you feel. Hope you get the right meds to help with the pain.


Linzz - July 13

I have huge problems of being cold sometimes I sit in front of two heaters. My hands are always cold I have numbness and pain in my arms and fingers (doctors said for years it was due to my arthritis)My new doctor a year ago said I have fibro as well. .Have you herd of lynphdrainage (not sure of spelling)there has been alot of recent reserach in to this. I have tried this for the first time a few weeks ago and I think its helpfull time will tell. Its worth a try ask your doctor about it.


michelle J - July 13

some people told me that they thought i may have poor circulaion but the color doesnt change. my body doesnt get cold just the feel of the arms even if I wrap them in a blanket.Its weard.It kills me to even take this lap top out of the backpack my arms dont like any weight . I think I will try the Lime in my water and hope the doctors can make my arms more comfortable with meds. I really dont know what else to do.



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