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Pain woke me for first time...why would this happen?
6 Replies
Kristina17 - May 16

Last night I had a T2 special tea for sleeping, it had Lemonbalm, jasmine, lavender and rose petals in it. It really did help me sleep I believe but halfway through the night..early hours of the morning, I woke up completely cramped all over and in more pain than I've felt for ages, if ever. I fell asleep on my side as usual and I'm pretty sure I didn't end up in a weird position but this has never happened to me...I've never been woken by my pain really. I take Endep, Lyrica, and Panadeine forte at night too.


reva - May 16

i always get pain say like shock behind my ear which s very painful bt nly for 10-15mins....later it stops...i hav this since my childhood....i get severe headache and dizziness now a days....its bothering me a lot....and i cant bare sunlight i get headache and i'l get tired soon....numbness also a problem....since a week dizziness and blurring of eyes and feel like vomiting....i had fits and i was under medication for say as doctor suggestion i hav stoped taking medicines....since then m expriencing tiredness when showed upto sunlight and headcahe....sum tyms its like m nt able to control my head...m concerened....plz help me out...


January - May 16

Kristina - there's first time for everything! Are you possibly allergic to anything that was in the tea? You don't say if the cramping was abdominal or muscular.

I started being regularly woken up by pain a few years ago - and had to increase meds at night to keep this from happening. Hopefully, this is a one-time occurrence for you. But if it becomes a regular thing, don't let it go too far - check in with the dr. We need our sleep.

Reva - sorry to hear you are feeling bad. Since you mentioned you stopped taking meds, maybe you should check with your dr. to see if you having withdrawal symptoms. You might need to be tapered off more slowly…?


Fantod - May 16

I agree with January. You may be allergic to something in the tea. I am allergic to both black and green tea. Be sure to check with your doctor if these epsisodes continue. Take care.


kvc33 - May 16

The tea may have had a sedative effect but you are probably allergic to something in it. Two things can happen at the same time! Skip the tea and see whats happens. Try it again at a later date and then you will know for sure.


Pikespeak - May 17

Hi Kristina! Welcome to my world! If your pain seems to be muscular, you might try having a heating pad handy to warm the area. Mine happens in my glute area, so getting up and doing some hamstring stretching will often allow me to go back to sleep. I'm still working on a better solution....


Kristina17 - May 18

Thanks everyone, I will try the tea again and see if the same thing happens. I haven't got any current allergies but I guess I could have some... first time for everything as January said. Pikespeak,the pain is muscular I believe but when I woke with it, it was all over my body, not just one area.Today its been my back and I have used a heat pack but I don't get much relief from them. My TENS machine gives me some relief but I guess as with many of you, I'm trying stuff as I go and seeing what helps.

Thanks and I hope you are all having more days of energy and better health.



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