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Pain tolerance
5 Replies
bbass - March 20

I have noticed that some people with fibro seem to have a high tolerance for pain, and it takes more than the usual amount of meds to work for them. My mother in law is like that, she could probably sew her own arm back on, and hardly notice the extra pain. She has a high tolerance for pain meds.

Now, me, on the other hand, have no pain tolerance, and feel every pain screaming at me, but I am super sensitive to most things, and am easily overwhelmed with medication.

I was wondering what is more common when it comes to pain tolerance and fibro?
-barbara bass


Noca - March 20

Chronic opioid use can cause a disorder known as "opioid hyperalgesia", in which the pain killer use actually makes one MORE sensitive to pain over time. Lots of FMS patients use opioids.


axxie - March 21

My pain tolerance is really bad at the moment, but when I'm on my cymbalta 60mg, I could have sewn my arm on, also.

I've got back to 30mg and feel more human but the pain tolerance is bad at the moment.


Fantod - March 21

Not me - I have no pain tolerance especially with the dentist. I go beserk before anything even happens. The dentist says that my nerve paths in my mouth are not where they are supposed to be. This results in a lot of shots if I need any major wrok done. I come out looking like a heroin addict with track marks in my mouth.

Generally, especially since developing FMS, I have far less tolerance for anything that jgives me any degree of discomfort. I think that part of that comes from just being over-tired all of the time. Take care.


rhapsody - March 28

I have a very high tolerance, which is good, because I'd probably never leave the house otherwise. I've gone thru childbirth with no pain medication, and until recently, took nothing more than tylenol for the fibro pain and severe arthritis. Deteriorated enough now that tylenol can't touch it, so I've had to give in and take stronger stuff. But throughout most of my adult life, I've been known as being very tough, 'cuz I can deal with a lot of pain and keep right on going.


tnichel - March 28

Mine is very high. But i think that comes from going undiagnosed and dealing with pain for so many years. Yeah, my dentist was filling a cavity and commented on that and said "sorry it's taking so long I'm a perfectionsist." Well find something else to be perfect at b/c this hurts! lol.

I'm hardly ever tender to regular touch unless I'm in a flare. I have no tolerance for stomach pains and I can't touch my rib cages which hurt like heck. And I have to be near death (not really) before I'll actually sit down when I'm sick. I got some med test back and realized I could have passed out in the middle of walmart and should have stayed home. I have a tendency to misjudge my pain b/c I'm so used to trooping through it.

Anyone have problems with bras? I swear I'm going to burn every last one of them!!!! I still haven't been able to find a really comfortable one. Especially with so much neck and shoulder pain. I alternate between the same 2 at this point.



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