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Pain ribs
10 Replies
Audrey56 - June 7

I'm new to the forum and I live in Chattanooga, Tn. Does anyone else suffer from extreme achiness in the ribs that moves from side to side. I've been suffering with this for 5 months. It's causing me a lot of anxiety. Looking for Dr. in Chattanooga, Tn. Any suggestions?


Fantod - June 7

I have pain in my ribs too. They are often very sore to the touch and it can be a challenge to wear a bra. This is a common symptom of FMS. The pain comes and goes and it can vary in strength. There are several posts on this site about it. The problem is called
Osteochondritis. I hope you are able to find a good rheumotologist in your area.
Take care.


BrandyO - June 7

I also am bothered with this. Not to the extreme that some people have it tho thank goodness. Nonetheless it can be painful. I always have some level of tenderness to the touch around my lower ribcage. Good luck... hope you feel better soon! Brandy


Marge - June 8

I thought my rib pain was from something else, Sometimes when I turn to see out of my car the pain hits me hard. My doctor didn't have an answer. I'm glad I'm not alone in this.


JJ1 - June 9

I had a strange pain the other day and wondering if it could be similar to yours. Mine felt sort of like a pulled muscle with a burning type pain, although I had not done any movement to pull a muscle. Mine was short lived (maybe lasting a couple of hours) and was sore to the touch. This sound the same?


Syndicate1 - June 9

Yes I have had the same problem in the past it was due to recent activities such as lifting boxes and moving items. Took some aspirin and pain went away. but it is scarry you think that you are having the big one, but after talking with others all is well


Audrey56 - June 9

Thanks to all who have responded. Mine has been ongoing for about 5 months now. It is mostly on the left side just below the armpit area, but it does move around alot. When I panic it gets worse and feels like tight ropes around my ribs and waist. Can't stand tight clothes touching me. It is worse when I sit for some reason. It eases a little at bedtime when I take my Lorazapam. I also suffer from severe night sweats. Have to change clothes and bedding 2-3 times a night most of the time. It is awfully tiring. I'm trying to taper off Zoloft after years of taking it because it started to have some bad effects and some say that Zoloft withdrawal can cause these body aches all over. Pain meds don't ease it much. I try not to take any unless it gets so bad I can't stand it. Doesn't really sound the same as what some of you are having.


neuro1 - June 11

Audrey...I have terrible pain in my moves from my pelvic area up to my ribs (so no mine is not side to side). The sensation feels like someone is taking two metal rods (slightly larger than a thumb) and inserting them at my pelvic bone and up the ribs (as though they are being laced through the ribs). It continues to the level of my armpit, but does not enter that area. Sitting is nigh impossible when this sensation ocurs and can last for 1 hour at a time. My rheumie believes it is definitely the FMS (b/c everything else has been ruled out). Pain meds don't dent it either. I have now had that sensation for 5 years.


Basabe - September 12

I've been experiencing rib and chest pain for a year now. I've been to several doctors and am about to see a new rheumatologist. They did X-Rays, blood tests, EKGs and put me on anti-inflamatories but it still comes back. Every time I have an episode the pain is in a different area, Left, Right and even center. I used to feel a lot of anxiety over it because I thought it was a heart attack. I'm only 24 but my arms would go numb as well so I never knew what to expect. The pain is sore to touch and my EKGs on my heart came back good so it appears to be an issue with my rib cage or muscles.


Robin1237 - September 19

I know what this is now!!! It's Lyme disease, a bacterial infection, usually gotten thru an infected tick bite. My fibro symptoms went to zero in one week last year when I got tested for Lyme, came out positive, and went on clindamycin antibiotic 150 mg 4x/day. People generally take antibiotics, plus they do a lot of other treatments too. You can read all about it at Or you can email me at [email protected] to discuss. A good lab to get tested at is Igenex( It's best to work with a Lyme-treating doctor. On Lymenet, they help you find a Lyme-treating doctor.


linda brown - September 29

yes, i have this problem too. i can't lay on my right side without it waking me up at night. i even had my left ovary removed because they though it was that! I still have the pain and nothing has helped, it makes me sick that people can get pain meds for a headache (i know, i am a nurse) and we can't get anything for pain



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