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pain relief from fibromyalgia
4 Replies
mdak - February 13

If you are suffering from chronic severe pain like I was I know the the miracle drug that works for me and hopefully for you. I have tried it all from natural to narcotics and nothing really helped. Then my pain dr. ordered me a special drug that requires to be licenced in that specific drug and can only have 100 pts on it at one time. It 20-30 tims stronger then morphine, works in 20 minutes and last 24-72hrs one pill. NO joke! No cravings, no depresssion, no addiction. This doesn't make you dopy and can work safely on it without being quesstioned. Does this sound exciting? It is called buprenorphine. If no drug insurance, cost 117 dollars at costco or like sams club probably for 30 of them. Insurance pay, if you are lucky to have some. lol.This medication has given my life back to me. I still suffer from other symptoms of FM , but the pain was destroying my life.


January - February 13

mdak, I'm glad this is working for you, and I hope you are being closely monitored by a physician; this is a serious drug, it is a type of narcotic and it is addictive. In the US it is a Class III.

I sure wouldn't START with this drug.

From "WARNING: It is also important to understand that if you give a person this drug and they die, you could be charged with murder." has much more information.

From wikipedia: this "is a semi-synthetic opioid that is used to treat opioid addiction in higher dosages (]2 mg) and to control moderate pain in non-opioid tolerant individuals in lower dosages (~200 µg)."

Research this carefully on the net.


January - February 13

The above should state 2 mg not ]2 mg - it was a glitch or a typo.

Looks like a doctor must take extra coursework and be specially licensed to prescribe this drug. It can be up to 80 times stronger than morphine, according to one post I read.


mdak - February 13

Jasnuary- I have done research and my Dr' are very careful with me. I use to take narcotics for pain and became dependent on them. I hated it. So my doctors told me about suboxen and ask me if I wanted to try it. I went to a treatment center so I could learn how to control my pain in different method. Yoga and relaxation such as. I learned so much and they required you to have this class in order to start suboxen. They told me many chronic pain pt.s are using this drug. My dr. now is writing the other half of suboxen which is buprenorphine. It cost cheaper and I dont need the other half of the drug. This drug takes any cravings for narcotics away. This is a fancy form of methodone, but better with very little withdraw when stoping it. Thank you for your information.


January - February 13

Hi mdak, yes, I'm glad this is helping you. There are lots of people with terrible pain who cannot tolerate regular opiods or who stop getting relief from them. This drug may be a good option for them, and I'm sure your posting will help somebody else out.

But it just didn't seem clear from your postings that this drug is a VERY strong type of opiod narcotic (a partial agonist). From what I read, buprenorphine is addictive, does cause withdrawal symptoms, can affect your liver, and can interact severely with other drugs like antidepressants, sedatives, etc. It's a heavy drug. That's why your doctor needs a special license to prescribe, and you must be carefully followed and comply with your doctor's orders.

It sounds like you got good medical care (not everyone does!), were carefully weaned off other narcotics with suboxen, and are now down to taking just the buprenorphine. I'm very glad it is helping you have a better life without pain! God bless and take care!



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