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belle1329 - March 6

does anyone have alot of pain one day thruout the body and then somedays just alot in one area, and then somedays, its just IBS with littl pain, some days its just shock pain different times of the day, mostly at night while resting? Most of my pain hits the neck, arms wrists, shoulders, hip and ankle. My teeth sometimes hurt!
Also does anyones lympnodes seem swollen? I have one behind my leg and one next to my arm pit, (than I will have checked) The leg had an ultrasound to be sure it was not a blood lot.
Thank you.


JOEGIRL - March 8

I have pain mostly in my neck and upper body.So far I havn't had much pain in my legs, Knock on wood...
I havn't noticed any swollen lympnodes. My daughter complains of having knots on the back of her neck. She has fibro to. Seems to run in the family. I hate that I have passed this on to my children. I would rather have all the pain than watch my children suffer with this. My son has been complaining of pain latley and I am afraid he getting hit with this ''curse'' to. My Mother suffered bad the last year of her life but we didn't know what it was. Just thought it was 'old man arther' .Now that I have this I know the symtems from my own pain . Its so sad for people to suffer this way but God has blessed us with good doctors that are learning more every day about fibro.


axxie - March 8

Our pain is never the same from one day to the next. I have a few good days and think, I'm normal and then something happens, maybe it's what I ate, or the weather and bam it hits me like a tone of brick. As for the lymph nodes, lately I have swollen ones, other times it seem alright. I always drink green tea every evening, it helps me with the fibro, it it takes out the swelling, maybe it can help you also.


belle1329 - March 9

Wow, axxie, cant believe you just said that...awwh, I was feeling great for two days, slept fantastic,felt like a million bucks, then last night, couldnt sleep , went for a walk with hubby today and now boom, I can feel it coming on in my chest!!! and arms and hands! ugh! :-( I thought, ooh maybe its gone, yeh right! I am glad I found this site, it does help to talk! You learn alot and it does seem real when you hear it from someon else, for awhile I thought I might have something else ( my sister died from bone cancer) I did get diagnosed with fibro, but, just felt like no one was doing enough.
Thanks, for your advise, Ill try the tea, Ill try almost anything :-)


axxie - March 9

belle 1329 the green tea helps alot, green tea seem to have more antioxidants it ranks higher then many fruits and vegetables.

It appears that the green tea is the least processed tea and therefore does not loose the properties as much as black or red tea.

Some fibro suffer say stay away from the coffee and I have learned that a few days without the coffee my symptoms seem to be lesser. I have no theory on that, but if green tea is going to help me then I go with the green tea anytime.

So now I'm at my worst period having pain in my legs, neck and back, it's been a hard week-end for me in muscle pain.

Can't communicate well when I'm in pain, seem to affect my mind.


belle1329 - March 9

Axxie, thanks for the tea info.
Im sorry your in so much pain this weekend, I guess Im feeling my good days the past few, except for not much sleep, a swollen eyelid and some chest and arm pain on my right, Ill consider it one of my good days , I hope it lasts :-)and Im gonna drink the tea even though Im feeling a bit better .......Thanx again


axxie - March 12

Just as predicted, I felt terrific for a few days and today of all days, I'm in pain and haven't slept a wink all night, wonder if its a combination of the coffee I drank, and the weather...

I keep preaching do not drink coffee, and here I am, drank a cup of java. Where was my mind??? I should have known better.



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