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pain pain and more pain
3 Replies
ann - October 3

I have fibromyalgia, now for 6yrs. it has been getting worse and worse. I now go to a RA doctor.The only thing he will give me is pain pills. I do not want to depend on these pills for the rest of my life. I can not go without them tho, I am in so severe pain that I can hardly walk. Can someone help me with other things I can be doing for my self.


Anne - September 30

i have the same problem that you do. Although, i was only diagnosed over 18 months ago, i haven't been in remision since. Like you, i don't want to depend on pain killers. I was on a drug called "friboplex plus" (a magnesium supplement) which did help slightly with the pain. But i know what you mean when you say you cannot go without them, and i feel for you as you have had this medical condition for a much longer time then myself. I have found that a healthier diet of more fruit/vegetables, less sugar and less junk food has helped me a lot. It took the edge off the pain and took away some of the stiffness, although there are still flare ups a lot of the time. I hope that this has helped you, because no one likes to be in pain, and i will pray that one day you will find effective pain relief!


Jean - October 2

i've had it for 4 years and I take flexeril a muscle relaxer and talwin nx a pain medication also an antidepressant for anxiety. You know being anxious or depressed can also flare the symptoms so ask your doctor about this as well.


Friday - October 3

Ann, I can only tell the major things that have truly helped for me.

1. Trazodone for sleep. IMHO, proper sleep is the single most important thing one can do for FMS.

2. Effexor XR for depression, anxiety, and FMS in general. Although my depression is not severe, my pain levels shoot up if I try to do without the Effexor.

3. Trigger point massage therapy and gentle (aquatic if possible) exercise.

4. Elimination of aspartame and MSG, plus a healthy diet in general.

Doing these things has provided me with much relief that I've sought for 10 years! I'm actually starting to LIVE again! Good luck!



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