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pain on right side
5 Replies
lapago - April 19

just been diagnose with fibro and ibs...determine to beat it, i am a single mum of two very active children. 2 and 9...numbness has been my main problem, tell myself to open the door but cant... my question is, the pain is on the right side of the body with right foot going inwards when i walk, is that familiar to anyone? driving me crazy. thanks for any tips and take good care


Duo - April 19

Welcome - I am pleased that you are accepting your diagnosis with determination. A positive attitude counts for a lot, HOWEVER!!, I am afraid its not so easy when a great deal of fibro sufferers have not only widespread pain and chronic fatigue but loads of other problems associated with this condition. I started at the age of 27yrs. with pain in my neck, shoulders and hands but now some 30yrs. later and four major operations I think I have just about everything - and guess what this past year I have noticed my right foot turns in when I walk. I have spondylosis throughout the whole of my spine and am waiting for op but have never really mentioned this problem to my consultant - mostly because it seems to be the least of my problems lol but as you mention it, perhaps it is connected to the fibro. I sincerely wish you well - especially as you have two active young children and stay positive as stress I believe does trigger all kinds of probs. associated to fibro.


ptalana - April 20

Hi lapago and welcome to the forum :)
I also experience the numbness and pain to the right side. However my right foot postures outward now, and have recently noticed that my left foot is starting to do the same. Walking for any length of time is no longer possible for me. I can totally relate to your frustration!!!

It sounds like you have a strong will and positive attitude, both extremely important when living with fms. Not to mention the challenges you face in rearing 2 children on your own! I hope you have some family help and a good support system to help you.

As for tips the only thing that has helped for me has been incorporating a moderate pilates routine 20 mins 5 x a week, this has helped in keeping good circulation. While I still experience the numbness, my feet are no longer turning black. I also feel it helps my emotional well being immensely, which is also so important.

You are not alone, so many of us experience shared symptoms. We are all here for you when you need us.

Take care, Patty


Noca - April 20

Welcome to the forum!

The only numbness I feel is the left side of my right foot where nerves were damaged during a surgery. As for a warped foot, my right foot is warped 30° to the right(this is due to a bone disease not fibro). I have IBS though like you as well as many other illnesses.

Glad you're determined to beat it :)


lapago - April 21

thank for comments and suport, pilates sounds like the gentle exercise and relaxation that help with fibro and defenitaly look for classes in my area.
again thanks!


ptalana - April 22

Hi lapago, I hope today is finding you well!!
I personally cannot afford to take any rehab programs outside of my home. So I've done a great deal of research on home programs that are not only effective but affordable. I have been utilizing Mari Windsor's pilates program for over five years now. This is a very fibro sensitive program that helps with the pain very effectively.
Also the use of breathing techniques is very effective in managing depression.
I have always been very involved in physical fitness. I was devastated following my accident knowing that there was so much I could no longer physically do. After a year of self pity I became determined to find new ways to become as physically and emotionally fit as possible. And much to my relief discovered that pilates was not only safe, but was recommended in treating fibro.
I have extreme mobility issues due to nerve damage done to my spine so no more hiking, DARN!!! And I'm still waiting for my independant wheel chair, so I can enjoy the up coming summer. I refuse to miss another summer being housebound. Please keep your fingers crossed that I can get the aid needed to get my chair soon.
All you need to do pilates is a exercise mat and the dvd, so very affordable. And since you do pilates primarily on your back mobility issues don't impact your ability to incorporate pilates. I prefer to do my routines alone as I suffer with Ibs and pilates does help in releasing trapped gas, could be a lil embarrassing if you know what I mean ;)
I hope that you can enjoy the many benefits of pilates in your life. I know I feel more empowered just doing 20 mins of pilates a day and have seen the physical benefits. If you have any questions or concerns just ask, I'm here for you.



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