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Pain, not sleeping and out of breath
12 Replies
axxie - April 1

OK, I'll admit, that I'm in pain, and I'm not sure what the hell is going on with my body. It's been like this for the past week now, ringing in my ears, pain in my neck, shoulder and back. Can't walk, I become out of breath, I feel like I'm going to get sick and I actually have to hold on to something. Then I tried to go up the stairs at home and I felt like I was going to faint, I can't walk any slower I'd actually be on the stairs forever. I have the winds sailing my ship, if you know what I mean, and I'm just sooooooo tired.


solanadelfina - April 1

(Hug) Sounds like you're going through a pretty nasty flareup right now. I don't think that this winter/spring tug of war in Mother Nature is doing any of us any good.

Do you have a lot of stress going on right now? Is there any way you could take a few days off and get some rest?

Take care, and I pray that this passes speedily.


ItsmeWayne - April 2

Some of these things may warrent a trip to the Er. The ringing ears, pain in neck, out of breath and feeling faint could be more than FM. Don't mess with your health, seek outside help!
Itsme Wayne


axxie - April 2

Hey ItsmeWayne, I went to the doctor today and she found nothing. Once she gave me my vit B12 shot I've been better. Maybe I waited too long to see her for my shot.

Interesting enough, when I went up the stairs, my head was throbbing, neck pain (sharp, intense, vibrating pain). It stopped 20 seconds later.

If I don't feel better by tomorrow I'll go to the ER.

My doctor as nice as she can be, will not give me any pain medication, she is against the idea of giving me any, since she said that the Cymbalta should take care of that. Moments prior to this, she said, who told you, that you have FMs. I was like, you did, she had to go through my file, I think the lady is missing a few screws! Maybe she needs to visit the Er. Anyway, I'm seeing a rheumy soon a few more weeks.


nlschill - April 2


I have been working with 2000iu's of vitamin D-3 and it has been helping. On rainy clouding miserable days been taking 2 in the am and then maybe one in the pm, on nice days only working with 1 in the am and 1 in the pm. I have aleast felt a little bit normal. Also when the sun is out I take advantage of it, even if it is sitting in a chair and a heavy sweater on. Letting the sun hit my face helps me.

I have started with the b12 also (have not noticed any changes with those but it has only been a few days). I will see if there are any changes with adding the b.


axxie - April 2

Went to the Er yesterday in the night, I felt so weird. I'm happy I went, it took them 2 minutes to know exactly what I had.

I got 4 shots of benedryl, to get my body to finally slow down enough let me breath.

Allergies that didn't show up at my latest allergic test, pet dander, mold, earth, a anything that blooms, all turned out with one severe allergic and asthma attack.

They finally released me this morning, I slept like a baby and never felt any better, I guess sleeping with truckload of benedryl in your system does that to you.

Body not in overdrive and I was able to go out on patio and enjoy the sun for 30 minutes. Felt goog. I'll have to carry epidrine and benedryl with me at all times now. Not to mention asthma medication.

I'm a still trying to wake up from all medication they pump into me, but apart from that, I not feeling the anxiety, therefore my body is not overreacting.

Thanks Wayne for suggesting Er, and thanks to everyone else for suggesting ways to cope with the bad weather. I am on my way to a better healthier me.

Now if they can just figure out how to treat Fms, we'd be happy people.


axxie - April 2

Vitamin D in shots? do yet those at the pharmacy or need a prescription? please respond nlschill.


nlschill - April 2


My Chiropractor talked about the vitamin d shots. At this time I am only using the otc vitamins that I bought at the store (200 count 2000 iu's he told me that the shots are usually given up to 50000 ius and that taking 2000 to 4000 ius is safe). I am not sure if he would do the shots in his office or if i would have to go elsewhere.

I think that I read someone on the website was getting the shots, you may want to check.


awesomebikerbabe - April 4

hiya big hugs .. have and still am there too ..
im exhausted and ache everywhere .. do you have allergies aswell .. that could explain the breathless bit .. im allergic to mould and its now spring which means lots of mould in the air .. gives me badlungs and a horrible tingly feeling in my head ..
have you had any antibiotics recently .. as that i find makes me reallyrun down .. too ..


axxie - April 9

Hey awsomebikergirl

I'm on antibiotic now for another one of those sinus infection. Apart from that, if I take my medication for my asthma I'm in control. I can now go up the stairs no problems and I guess me feeling tired, is I waited to long for my b-12 shots. So now the doctor told me I give myself the shots once a week. Surprise I feel that I can do more, but not getting that shot of energy after my shot anymore. But I feel it a few days afterwards, where I tend to be more active.
Hope you are doing well, that the weather is not getting you down. It seems it still winter here, we've had one beautiful day and rain, rain, for the last 2 days we've been getting up with snow on the ground, just a small blanket, and of course today was very windy and snowing for a few hours. The snow has not melted, and in a few days we should be back in normal temperature and some sunshine.


Mrs.Prince - April 10

I have some of the same sympton with being out of breath and feeling like I'm about to pass out. My chest and shoulders feels tight all the time, I get this sick feeling alot,and my legs feel like they want to quit walking


axxie - April 10

Oh Mrs Prince, I know exactly how you feel, sometimes I get the same thing, and you are trying to figure out, what have I done in the past few days, so that I can get myself better.

It's like a belt around your chest, I find that it does ease itself if you can just relax. Maybe take a nice long bath, to soothe your aches. Try it when you can't sleep, and just turn the lights out and let yourself, relax, you might find it helps.

Are you on medication, and how long have you been diagnose.


kingstongirl - April 11

Have you had your serum iron checked? Low iron (anemia) can cause TERRIBLE shortness of breath and fatigue and racing heart, etc. Do you know if you have any conditions like anemia or COPD (low blood O2) or breathing problems (asthma, etc)?

Episodes of ringing in ears can be caused by TMJ or trigger points, and the other pains you describe can be trigger points (fibro or MPS/myofascial pain syndrome).

Have you tried trigger point injections? They are quite effective.



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