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pain meds for fibro
7 Replies
gg - October 24

This is not a question it is an answer
I have had fms for 9 yrs and I do not take pain meds anymore.I follow the guaifenesin protocol...
When I used to take pain meds I took Darvaset and ibuprofen every 8 hours on the worse days. Flexeril for burning muscles. Melatonin and benadryl for sleep. When that stopped working I started taking Ambien.
On a bad day nothing really kills the pain. Just take your meds and learn relaxation techniques. Good luck. You can get better I did.


Jean - October 13

I have read up on the guaifenesin and there is a warning with people taking opioids. You can also get this with Musinex and surprisingly it helps people with FMS because it helps to build the serotonin levels which reduce the pain signals like an antidepressant. Interesting isn't it. So, yes I think this would work possible with lower level side affects but still if it doesn't I would suggest Remeron an antidepressant to start it's slow acting and gradual like the guaifenesin to build up the norepherine and serotonin levels in the brain to help alleviate the pain signals us FMS sufurers feel. Restless leg syndrome can also keep you from sleep and should be checked. Ambien can rebound after a while. If you also suffer with OA plus FMS and CMP more stronger medication could be needed. The Benedryl was one of the first drugs that scientists found helped with sleep problems taking 50mg up to 75mg and also helped with mood.


Sue - October 20

My Dr put me on neurontin, it is an anti-seizure med, this helps relax you at night and you get wonderful sleep without it being addicting. Plus you & your Dr can play with the dosage as you can take up to 1300 mg a day safely, I am only on 100-300mg a day depending on what kind of day it is. AS my Dr said if you don't not get enough good sleep your muscles are more tired and will hurt more it is a vicious cycle in FM. It also works well for Restless leg syndrome!!!!


tonyab1838 - October 20

Sue, I have been on Neurontin. I'm glad that it works for you, I had some side effects from the drug. I started having hearing things and my concentration level was worse. It got so bad that in the middle of a sentence I would forget what I was saying and I started stuttering. I hope that it works for you but I took myself off of it. My neighbor has fibro and she also took it and she had some of the same side effects. I was on it for 3 months and couldn't take it anymore. Good luck to you. Everyone is different and I hope that this works for you. Take care and God bless!


Jean - October 21

Klonopin works with Restless leg syndrome.


Sue - October 21

I take the neurontin only at night around 9pm. If I take it much later at night I have a harder time the next day or if I take it during the day I am pretty much out of it. I like the fact that it is non-addicting, plus I do not have to take it everyday now and that helps. Itis definatley a tight rope we all walk with trying to figure out what will work for each of us. Good Luck to you also!!


P4mmy55 - October 22

I take neurontin 4x300mgs a day, it does absolutely nothing for the pain, but after the 4th tablet i start to wobble and get drowsy, and i then sleep like a log.
I have gained weight, about a stone.
i dont like taking tablets, (or they dont like me lol), you dont know if they are doing more harm than good.


Sue - October 24

I take the neurontin not for pain, but to relax my muscles at night and to relax me enough to sleep, which helps them not be as sore and tight the next day. I still hurt but not to the extent I was and being able to actually enjoy life and my family again is a big plus!!! If I take any more than 300mg I may as well forget about doing anything until the next day, I also gained weight so have cut back to not using unless the muscles are screaming at me.



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