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Pain management specialist
6 Replies
KO - February 8

Hi, I'm going to make an appointment with a pain management specialist and I'm pretty sure that fibro isn't my only problem. It will be my first experience with a pain dr. Will the specialist look for other conditions because of some symptoms that have nothing to do with fibro. Or will the specialist just concentrate on fibro. I ask because I have been bumped to all kinds of different dr.s over the years. One dr. says you need to see this dr. for those symptoms which I can't help you with, and so begins the cycle over and over.... sigh.
I'd sure like to hear about your experiences with pain specialist's especially if you have more than one condition.


biggbrowneyes - February 8

Hi.. well I hate to admit it, but I had to start going to a pain management doctor a few months ago because my dr I've been seeing for 5 years can't prescribe meds anymore, so, he refers me to pain management. I only pray you don't end up with one that doesnt' believe in FMS like mine! Go on your instinct! Ask him/her from the start what their feelings are about FMS. I'm in the process of changing to another Dr because I have been on methadone for almost 5 yrs now! Its the ONLY pain medicine that helps me. I also take neurontin (i think I spelled that right!). I also have hypothroidism, hypoglycemic, carpal tunnel in my left thumb/hand, IBS,and intersistitial cystitis. Isn't that swell?! lol I had a full hysterectomy 8 yrs ago & have been in HELL ever since! I was talking elmiron for the cystitis but when my ex dropped me off his insurance I had to stop taking it because its $340/month & no generic for it. I'm in misery now almost everyday. I live on AZO's for my bladder. take estradiol & armour thyroid , oh yea and I take adderall for fatigue. I'm only 39 yrs old and I'm falling apart!! I've been through one medicine after another, Lyrica gave me double vision so bad I couldn't drive. Sleep meds do nothing, Medicines have a opposite effect on me., Aleve helps me alot!
To make matters worse, this dr I'm seeing is a joke, because I'm not there long enough for my seat to get warm! I have to pay $125/month for my appointment. He rushes me in/out. I have given up trying to talk to him & make him understand what I'm going through. His reply to me was"as soon as you get off the methadone your problems will go away"! He has cut me down in half. I was taking 6 10mg a day. I took 3 when I woke up & 3 half way through the day. and 2 30mg adderall a day. I was finally able to function, get through my day working without falling apart, and now that hes done this to me., I'm misreable again. My bladder is KILLING me,by 3 pm I hurt so bad I just want to go in a hole. I'm so stiff & sore in the am, that it takes me over a hour before I can function.
I'm sorry for going on and on. I guess I'm kinda venting because I feel like crap right now., sorry!! I really don't want to sound so negative about your question because you might get a dr that understands & truly wants to help you. I ended up with one that wants to get paid, & move on to the next patient. I only pray this next dr I'm going to go to is more understanding. Its a lady, & I've heard shes really good and understanding. I always say let them be in our shoes for one day! Then they would understand! I feel like I'm living in a world alone. I lost my marriage, I go no where, I do nothing, never see/talk to my friends anymore. My daughter is 15 & doesn't understand at all. I lost my Mom last sept.She was all I had, no sisters/brothers/aunts/uncles, etc. nobody. I would give anything to have ONE day that I woke up & went to sleep & could say "today was a good day". ya know? ok, I'm gonna shut up now, I'm sorry! :(
Anyways, trust your instinct, because believe me, if their a nonbeliever in FMS, their not going to help you! I'll cross my fingers for you that you find someone who does!! :)
I'm gonna shut up now!! ;D


KO - February 8

Hi Biggbrowneyes, I feel your pain and frustration!For the first time since 1997 I don't feel alone... I'm sorry you've gone through hell, but I'm so glad to hear from someone who knows what it's like to be me. Your story was exactly what I was looking for. You've given me some good advise. I too was told by my pcc that that she couldn't keep writing scrips for me. My rheumy and dermatologist say they don't prescribe drugs period.Can you believe that! You probably do, huh? I'm researching fibro specific pain specialists now and I'm leaning toward the university. It's a teaching environment so I hope to get lucky. lol I've tried some meds. Neurontin didn't help and I gained 20 pounds! Trazadone made my ankles and feet swell so I stopped taking that after only five days. I has a bad experience with amyltriptoline years ago. So I'm highly affraid of anit-depressants and strong pain meds.
But I'm ready to try just about anything now. I chaned my diet to now gluten and am trying to exercise a little more especially stretching. I know what you mean about dr's rushing you out of the office. There's nothing like feeling your wasting your dr.'s time. I'm going to get some aleve and see if it helps me too. Don't count on a lady dr. to be understanding. ALL of my dr.s are female...ugh... In 97 I too had a full hysterectomy and lost my mom. I'll remember you in my prayers.


January - February 8

Oh Stacey - I just responded to another of your posts, and now reading this, I'm so sorry for your pain and frustration. This "pain doctor" doesn't sound like he's helping, if you went from functioning well to not functioning! Glad you are moving on - that's what we all must learn to do. And, if you have time, file a complaint with your insurance or medical board about inadequate and careless treatment. We are PAYING for competent treatment, they should be responding to our needs!

Going through the stress of loss and grieving can only make your pain worse. Hope you can find some support for yourself.

KO - I know the frustration of being bounced around. All I can suggest is that you be honest and proactive - ask them up front if they can help you, if they deal with your particular pain issues and fibro (or if they refer you out) before you make the intake appointment. I'm so sick of paying hundreds for the "new patient" exam and then walking out with another useless referral.


KO - February 8

Hi January, thanks for the advise. I will definitely make sure they are fibro specialists! If I get bounced again I'll scream! lol


biggbrowneyes - February 8

Thanks for replying back! It really sucks that I'm sitting here crying typing this because I'm so sick of being like this but so relieved to finally find someone that knows and understands what I'm going through! My grandmother use to say when I was younger that she was worried because nothing made me cry. I was tough as nails. Went to the dentist, never took novacaine. Had knee surgery and was up and running in no time. Then all thishappens to me after my hysterectomy and now all I do is cry. My marriage ended, I'm so sensitive to chemicals & smells I can barely do anything. I smell EVERYTHING! & it makes me nauseated constantly. I use to volunteer at my daughters school 3-4 days a week, now I have to force myself to go out. I use to never sit down, never stop.I want that back so bad.
I do have one thing I want to tell you about. and trust me, you will be soooooo thankful for going here. Google treatingandbeating by Dr.Roger Murphree. Hes a dr in Alabama that is the best! I wish he was in Maryland. He even does phone appointments, but its expensive, but I think accepts some insurances for it. Anyways, he has a book called Treating & Beating Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. 26 chapters of everything about FMS!! I actually bought the ebook so I could download it instantly. Soooo worth $15!! You can order the book too. Anyways, sign up for his newsletters too. awesome! seriously! GEt it and read every singe page. Without I would of never known how to help deal with this. If I could only do all the things I know I should, and eat or NOT EAT the things I know I shouldn;t! I can't stay away from junk! I'm so addicted to carbs and wanting sugar. I need to drink more water because of my bladder. This cystitis sucks! My ex dropped me off his insurance so now I have none. I'm so broke its not even funny.
I also take 200 mg 5HTP, which is serotonin., at nighttime, really helps with sleep, takes a couple weeks to start working but really helps my mood! especially in the winter. I have SAD bad! Winter depresses me something aweful. I take 2000mg vit D, to try to replace sunlight I don't get. Calcium with magnesium, fish oil with 3,6,&9. Helps me with inflamation in my joints, mainly my knees, had surgery in both. For only being 39, you would think I'm 99!! lol. I just keep watching or listening to Joel Osteen. That man is a god sent. I'm not a real religious person, but let me tell ya, I have learned that if you don't keep faith, you will fall apart. I have noone to lean on. I use to have so many friends, went out , did things all the time. I live on the water, use to go boating, skiing, waverunners, etc. I miss it so much. Swimming really helps! They just built a aquatic center about 30 minutes from me., Its a pain having to drive that far, but its worth it. I love the water. My daughter graduates in 3 more years, and then I'm souhtbound! I can't deal with anymore winters. I would be in 7th heaven if it was 80 everyday of the year!!! :D
Stacey ;)


biggbrowneyes - February 8

I agree, I should put a complaint, you know I sat here and figured out how much he makes, I looked at their book when I was making my next appointment, he has 3 people scheduled every ten minutes!! from 10 am to 3pm. thats 15 appointements at $125 hour! Thats $1875 just for that day! He is there 6 days a week. Some days are 9 to 4. so thats even more. But you know, I wouldn't mind paying the money if he truly was helping me! ya know? I sit in the waiting room and I look around at some of the people in there, listening to some of them literally on the phone with people that their "meeting" after they leave the pharmacy, so we all know what their doing! and then theres me, who truly needs it, he says I shouldn't take methadone, but what the heck is the difference between that and any other narcotic! ya know? If it helps me, whats the difference? Their all bad for you, we all know that, but we know that we can't live without them either! Let him be in my shoes, I've taken 80mg oxycontin and it did NOTHING for me! Aleve did more for me than that did! The methadone is like when people take antidepressants. You have to take it for a few days before you start to get the true effect. It did make me alittle drowsy when I first started taking it, but that stopped. My other dr said it works off your nerve endings. /Thats why it helps me, because I have nerve damage! and thats why anyother kind doesn't help. Cutting me from 6 a day to 4 has made me go back in time! I hurt again like I did 4-5years ago. I'm sick n tired of being sick n tired! ya know??



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